Your Sales Page Sucks Because YOU aren’t Shining!

By Alex

July 5, 2021

If you're selling stuff online then you already know that you need a sales page because otherwise... duh

But, let's face it - most sales pages totally SUCK!

Especially in the Female Entrepreneurial world where it's all cookie-cutter, blah blah, same as everyone else shit and honestly? You could be buying yoga, decluttering or training your tortoise - it's all the fucking same.


The biggest mistake I see women making when writing their sales pages is focusing on HOW their coaching packages will be delivered. 

There's lots of guff about "weekly Zoom calls lasting 45 minutes every Wednesday at 6:45pm" and "PDFs to heighten your experience". 

WTF? Blah. Who cares?

Your customer wants to know what's in it for THEM! How are you going to make THEIR life better? Where will they be AFTER?

They don't give a shit about your calendar and which days work for you... and you're really shooting yourself in the foot here because it makes you LESS desirable to work with. Yeh, really! 

Why? Well, let me walk you through that. When you state that your weekly sessions are going to be at X time on Y date, you're concentrating on what works for YOU! 

You might think it's good organisation or showing boundaries - but the thing is - even if you ARE only available Wednesdays at 6:45pm - your client doesn't need to know that (at this stage!). Right here, right now - your focus needs to be on what your customer WANTS - not what suits you.

If they REALLY WANT TO WORK WITH YOU - like FUCK YEH, I NEED TO BUY THAT RIGHT NOW! - then actually, your Wednesday at 6:45pm is going to be 100% OK - because they want to work with you - because you are going to CHANGE THEIR FUCKING LIVES

But... by starting with stating your limited availability it makes you look amateurish, self-centred and frankly? Half-assed - and I think I need to say this again: IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU - IT'S ABOUT THEM!


Your copy is dry and if your BFF read it - she'd never know it was written by YOU! 

With thousands and thousands of other women in the online space selling pretty much what you are - you need to differentiate yourself.

This is not only by results - which again are repeated - but the one and only NON-DUPLICATABLE (yeh, it's a word! πŸ˜‚) asset you have is... YOUR PERSONALITY

Use your own words, be weirdly and wonderfully you. Let your crazy, your ambition, your wit, your intelligence, your passion and your REAL YOU shine through! 


You apologise for asking for money. You break your price down in to so many fucking payment plans because you're DESPERATE for a sale - that your potential customer gets confused and backs away.



Payment plans - and you really should be offering ONLY one - because each and every payment plan you create is going to create extra work for you - because... 'life' - payments fail. 

Just charge the damned price. Don't follow it up with wishy washy "contact me if you want to discuss further payment options".

Stand up straight woman - you want to be counted don't you? 

You don't apologise for asking to be paid.



OK, let's look at this more closely.

A feature is something which happens in the course, how it's delivered or which topics are covered, or any extra access your clients will get with you, or how you will help them, or extra PDFs/audios, etc., etc.


They really aren't so much interested in the medium of delivery or how many sessions.

What they really want to know is how it BENEFITS them.

You must display features on your sales page, but these should not be put at the top of the page because you'll get people dropping off. Your clients want to know right off the bat what's in it for them. So you need to be putting emphasis on those benefits and tugging on some emotional strings (without making your clients feel shitty!) - but using your OWN VOICE, emphasise how their lives will be improved after having worked with you.

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