A Coach Asked me “How Do You Remove Self-Doubt?”

By Alex

July 4, 2021

Recently, a content-creator and coach asked me how to cope with those moments of self-doubt when you're not sure whether you should hit that PUBLISH button or not. 

Despite being an excellent writer who was generally comfortable with the quality of work he was able to produce - and knowing that he could help others - he still had those moments where it all seemed impossible and he didn't know whether what he was producing was "right" or whether he really ought to be putting it out there.

Should he wait until his 500 words were Pulitzer prize worthy? Should he ask 5 of his closest friends to "read and approve"? Should he maybe just save it to draft and tuck it away for another day? Perhaps to be put into a book he'll write in 10 years time? (10 years time which never comes!)

Now my views on this are actually quite straight-forward.

CREATE the damned shit.

PRODUCE the damned shit.

HIT PUBLISH on the damned shit.

OK, but I can hear some of you crying "but what if it's no good?", "what if it's not my best work?", "what if they don't like it?", "what if, what if, what if... ?". Zzzzzzzzz

And the point is - at some point you just need to TRUST in YOURSELF, BELIEVE that what you're saying is RIGHT - and fuck yeh! - of COURSE you can decide you're right.

YOU are the ONLY person who gets to APPROVE your message!

And I know this because... I spent literally years second-guessing myself - then just decided I'd had enough of being half-assed about it all - until I finally decided to go all in. 

Because if people don't want to hear what I have to say - that's fine, - DOOR IS OVER THERE - move on - it's not my job to make you like my stuff!

It's so easy to become paralysed by the sheer volume of noise out there in the online world and suffer a crippling attack of COMPARITONITIS will just PISS ON YOUR CHIPS!

When you TRULY BELIEVE in your MESSAGE then you have to make the decision to  just tune out all that crap - and deliver YOUR message.

Because when you're stuck on that wheel of self-doubt and comparing yourself to others in the online space, your ego is going to chip away at all your creativity - and you'll end up stopping delivering anything.


Thing is - you're probably not going to bash out Anna Karenina on a daily basis - but when you're stopping yourself send out that nugget - it might just be that VALUABLE NUGGET someone NEEDS to hear TODAY to make a difference in THEIR world and make today a brighter place.

Oh... and let's not forget... if they're not putting food on your table - their opinions don't matter! 😁

All of this seemed very obvious to me from this position of where I've worked myself to be where I BELIEVE in MY MESSAGE - and I'm NOT ASKING PERMISSION from ANYONE (!) to put it out there - but believe me, I've been there - so I do know where he's coming from.

His response? That "it's not my job to make you like my stuff!" = KEY TAKEAWAY

Not everyone is going to get you. They're not going to get your message. Maybe they hate your nose and so every single damned thing you write is going to have them sneering. 

Maybe you look like their ex. 

Maybe their coffee was decaff this morning.

It's NOT YOUR JOB to make everyone love you - and love what you're saying and the way you're living your life.

YOUR JOB is to honour YOU - and you alone - even ESPECIALLY if that makes you a SELFISH BITCH! 

The ones who get you will REALLY get you!

But we don't CHASE the ones who are indifferent or uninterested in our VOICES.

There are billions of people on this planet. Play to the audience who wants you. 

It just doesn't make sense otherwise. 

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