Your Niche is You – Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs

By Alex

May 12, 2021

We are grown-assed women... and we are complex. We have decades of experiences behind us and encyclopedic knowledge. Multi-passionate entrepreneurs they call us... because our interests extend beyond the Tupperware, the kitchen and the ironing board... 

So when it comes to "narrowing our niche" and figuring out the best mode for our business - and MORE IMPORTANTLY - what the fuck are we going to sell? we can feel confused.

Very fucking confused. Because we're thinking "eek! if I go down THAT route, then I close off the OTHER route". I can't be Alex the Marketing Strategist AND Alex the Techie Genius. I can't be the fitness fan AND the woman who knows all about ovine husbandry (not me! 😁).

This feeling of being forced to choose lends to indecision, procrastination, self-doubt and changing ideas every few months wondering when it's ever going to come together... and feelings of failure that everything would be just fine - if you could just find ONE DAMNED NICHE and roll with it.

But like I said, rarely is someone focused on one particular area - more often than not, our ideas, our programs and courses traverse a variety of topics - because it's this ADDITIONAL knowledge which kind of ties it all together and provides a deeper understanding of the topic at hand.



Glorious, weird, wonderful, crazy, unique you.

You can sell whatever the fuck you want. Present it whichever the fuck way you want - because people will be drawn to you because you are YOU! 

Whilst I do very much believe that you shouldn't START your business by launching a fitness course this week, copywriting next week and philately the week after - and YES it makes sense to start simple - start with one.

But there is absolutely zero reason why you can't explore these ideas with your audience. In fact, explore is probably the wrong word - you don't need to explore shit in terms of finding out whether they "like" it or not.

Your audience needs to adore you - it's not for you to switch up your message - or tone down your interests to appeal to them.

Go right ahead and REPEL those who don't get you with tales of sheep if that's the way it's got to be.

If they don't like Yoga AND sheep then fuck 'em. πŸ˜‚

It always comes back to you - and whether people KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

Be yourself. ALWAYS. There is not one online persona for the bar and one for the office. You are but you... and we're very lucky because online working doesn't tend to lend itself to "stiff and formal" office politics type stuff.

Thank FUCK for that right!?

Show your REAL face. Your kooky/daft face. Whatever face is really you is the one people will connect with.

I know from experience that trying to put on a different, "more professional" face for my business was a no-go. For one, it was mentally and emotionally exhausting. I used to try and tell myself it was like being an actor - "playing a role" - but even actors get to turn off when the director shouts CUT!

You can't live your life/business playing a role - you simply have to LIVE that role. 

Funnily enough, in both literature and film - it's flawed characters we identify with - we cheer for - and we understand - so of course that's true for REAL LIFE too - why wouldn't it be? After all, don't we always say "life is stranger than fiction"?

You are the essence of your niche, whatever the fuck it is you're doing and selling - it all comes back to you.

You aren't one-dimensional - and... were you to give that impression - ironically that would REPEL the very audience you are trying to attract - because nobody likes a "Stepford"

And whilst that might sound like an "awful lot of responsibility" - it's actually extremely LIBERATING - because you get to fully embrace YOU, you don't need to hide away these things you don't want people to see - or don't think they'll be interested in - because you are CHOOSING to be in ALIGNMENT with yourself and are CHOOSING to LIVE in a way which requires no "forgiveness" or "allowances" by your own ego... and when you drop the ego - that's when you REALLY make strides.

And tbf... give far fewer fucks! πŸ˜πŸ‘

So go ahead, prise open the box - and let your audience peek inside.

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