Value Ladder Bullshit is Keeping You Busy – Not Engaging Your Audience

By Alex

May 11, 2021

I haven't enjoyed arguing online since the Autumn of 1995 - and am still incredulous some enjoy it - I think it's even got a name now - trolling. 

I digress! Last week I got into a conversation on FB in a women's group about VALUE LADDERS and how you should set them up.

I am 100% AGAINST "value ladders".

Doesn't it sound like an awfully convoluted way to keep yourself busy... but without actually ever stopping to consider your clients as REAL people with REAL wants and desires... not just on a damned factory line walking the way you FORCE them to. Yeh, more damned FUNNEL bullshit.

Not only that, but it stops your own growth. 

Instead of creating products and programs which feel right IN THE MOMENT for you, you get stuck in creating a $47 offer, a $197 offer, a $1497 offer and a $10k VIP offer. Z to the fucking Zzzz.

But aside that. 

What if your customer doesn't want your $10k offer? What if she'll buy every damned $197 offer you throw her way but she has zero interest in your $17 tripwire? 

What if your Tripwire Client at $17 wants to go straight to $10k but she wanted to check you out first?

Stop trying to force your customers to take this ONE route of working with you. 

The people you work with are adults. They can make their own decisions - and they know what they want to buy - and which price-point works for them. Some people are NEVER going to fly first class - no matter what. The Swedish billionaire who started IKEA is testament to that - you'd find him in coach along with everyone else.

Stop treating your audience like cattle being herded into the slaughterhouse - instead, give them the stuff which flows freely from YOU, from your HEART - which you build with excitement to SHARE - not just because you think it ticks the fucking $1497 box.

I DGAF what the industry standard SAYS I should be pricing at - or what "every other coach" does. 

My business - and YOURS - is to create exceptional products for EVERY price-point. 

You can sell a $10 product one week and a $5k product next week. There are NO rules.

Value ladders are just utter horse-shit - and seriously patronising towards your audience.

Because... OK, let's say my client comes across me by snapping up a small product I offer (Challenge Formula) - now, if I then say she needs help with her course creation at $197 because that's a "step up" price-wise and knowledge wise - she might buy it, she might think "I'm good with the Formula, I've got this".

So next on my "value ladder" might be a $1497 copywriting course - but she's a fucking WIZARD at copywriting and needs help from NOBODY! What is the bloody POINT of forcing her down this funnel? 

But maybe she'd love a few $47 courses - or bundles of $197. Why on earth would I NOT allow her to buy what she wants to buy just because "industry standard" suggests I NEED to build a bloody ladder. WTF is this? Woodwork class? πŸ˜‚

Respect your clients and let THEM choose what they want from you. We are not in this business to CONVINCE anyone to buy. We don't need to make sure they get our 57 email sequence taking them through the dumb ladder.

Build and sell. 

That's all there is to it.

Fuck the ladder. 

If you have 20 $197 programs inside of you BURSTING to get out - RELEASE those BRILLIANT BOLTS of AWESOMENESS and go for it.

It's better than spending the next 18 months worrying about what the fuck you could sell for $1497... just because everyone else is. Everyone else... bah!


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