Beware of the “Cheap Seats at the Back” When You’re Starting Out

By Alex

May 13, 2021

Start small they say. Then they give you a whole fucking list of rules of things you SHOULD be doing... begging to write guest blogs/be on people's podcasts/collaborate with other small fish in a small pond.

Almost like it's a rite of passage you have to go through to be "allowed" to play in the big ponds.

Fuck that shit, I say!

For me, my rite of passage was my first car being a Mini - pretty standard fare for any Brit of my vintage tbh - and it made sense AT THE TIME.

These days with the increase in volume of traffic - I'll be sending my kids out in a damned Volvo! πŸ˜‚

But in entrepreneurship, ESPECIALLY in the female circles, it seems everyone's looking for an exact blueprint - and not really questioning the logic or validity of it.

Now I'm all for following a proven strategy or process - tick off the boxes of all the things which need doing. Sure! Makes sense - and life's too short to re-invent the wheel every time you want to go somewhere. 

But, I don't like being told what to do when it DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, doesn't allow me to express my CREATIVITY and INDIVIDUALITY - and I sure as shit will not be telling anyone else that they HAVE to start selling at $297 just because that's the way it's worked since Tim Berners-Lee flung open the doors! 

If you're starting your entrepreneurial journey TODAY and you want to launch a pay-per-view TV show tomorrow? Fucking DO it! Don't get sucked into all the shit that means following the rules of others.

Staying in low-vibe, low-creation mode means that you are PERMANENTLY playing to those "cheap seats at the back" - and, because you don't get any TRACTION with those "cheap seats at the back", you'll just find yourself spinning around in pointless circles, repeating mistakes, questioning your motives, etc., etc.

Far better. Far more POWERFUL to CHOOSE to step up RIGHT from the GET-SET and decide that you are ALREADY enough and you are ALREADY ready to play with the high-vibe crowd who are NOT waiting for permission to launch "Alex TV".

Your only limitation is YOU - not the Secret Internet Society of Whatever The Fuck You Might Call Them. 

Your job is to PLAY TO THE ROYAL BOX!

You want it? Go get it. 

The hard work starts NOW.

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