NeuroDivergence Makes You a Talented Entrepreneur!

By Alex

October 29, 2021

I never really felt like I "fitted in" and the corporate world was sheer torture for me - because I didn't "get" the rules. The unspoken ones, the social stuff, the tooting your own horn and kissing ass! 😂

Entrepreneurship suits a neurodivergent mind because we get to forge our own. path, work at our own pace, take time out when we're burned out - but most of all - it keeps us B.U.S.Y. - and these busy brains need to be kept active!

I was reading a dating forum the other day (don't ask me why... that ship has definitely sailed! 😂👍), but a woman was lamenting about a man she was having those initial conversations with - well, first off the bat his messages mostly consisted of "ask me, lol". I mean ffs, nobody over the age of 13 uses lol unless being deeply ironic (or insulting 👹) but... and this was probably the worst bit for me.

He claimed to have no hobbies. He like watching TV.

She asked whether she should continue to see him and try and build something from this.


As some wonderful wag pointed out - there are RED flags - but this was a steaming great GREY FLAG

It'd take the average ND person or entrepreneur approximately 4 minutes and 27 seconds to die of boredom in the company of someone like that.

The sheer crushing monotony would be enough to finish off the most stoic and kind of us! 

My brain is ON. 24/7! 

But... it's also important to carve out that slice of leisure time and down time and getting out in nature is so calming for a "busy soul" - but you won't stop your damned brain from ticking over - you can't just demand your brain doesn't think of your business just because you've got to whizz around the supermarket or take the dog out for a spin.

Because I don't carry my macbook around with me - and frequently not even notebooks if I'm just up on the hills or down at the beach - I needed to find a way to get the information/ideas out of my brain and TO MY BUSINESS without having to try and carry them around/remember.

This is my system.

I don't keep my work email on my phone because I don't think that's a particularly healthy way to live - so basically every thought, idea, whatever - I just email it to my BUSINESS email address from my personal.


That way it's out of my head and has been delivered to EXACTLY where I need it to be - i.e., my desk! 

There will be a mixture of one/two sentence emails, voice recordings if it's a longer concept I want to explain a bit more - especially if I've been hit by a bolt of lightening about e.g., a word which HAS to be included - and then there are also screenshots of things I might want to investigate further.

This works really well for both my life - and my brain.

Often when I open the macbook I'm surprised at what I find in my inbox 😁 because I'd already forgotten I'd had that thought/sent that note.

It also makes me look SUPER popular because my email folder is brimming! 😂

I can then either action these items straight away - or schedule them in for an appropriate time.

I don't think planning every aspect of your business out over the next 12 months is particularly helpful at all and it stifles your growth and creativity... Your best ideas are going to come to you when you're having that angry stomp down the beach or are in the car - use an app to make a recording if you're driving of course!

Try it. Email yourself. I promise it'll change your game and make you a BETTER, more creative entrepreneur.

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