How to Get Sh*t Done in Your Online Business

By Alex

September 10, 2021

Staying motivated to DO THE FUCKING WORK you need to do on any given day isn't always easy when you're running your own online business.

There's a misconception that you'll waft downstairs in your pyjamas, have a lazy breakfast, pack the kids off to school, sit down in your perfect home office and CREATE.

ya ya ya.

Truth is unless you are DISCIPLINED and FIRM with yourself, you're going to sit down. Stand up. Get a biscuit to go with that coffee. Put some washing on. Check the freezer. Empty the dishwasher. Recoil in horror at the state of the kids' bedrooms. Have a conversation with the cat. Then... look at the clock and realise it's 2pm and you've achieved exactly fucking NOTHING.

I myself, find that if I don't get a fucking shift on then the day runs away with me and I don't get done what I WANTED to get done. Whilst I always serve my clients, if you're not disciplined with your time - you don't SERVE YOURSELF - and in turn, you don't serve your business.

As soon as the kids are out the door in the morning I do my MUST DO tasks for business growth. I COME FIRST.

Then any work I need to do for my clients.

This means that most days I'm done by 2pm max - which is just as well really as my brain is too frazzled to work later in the day or the evening.

You need to embrace the time of day in which you're most productive - and NOT put it off. Personally I think it's wisest to do all the MUST DO things earliest in the morning so they're done.

When I was a student I worked every day in a supermarket and my shift started at 5:30pm. It was so fucking draining - I seemed to spend all day just waiting for this thing to start and could never really enjoy the day because I had a commitment for later. Made the day drag and I never felt I could "cross stuff off the list" because I was just waiting for 5:30.

Then when I worked in corporate I turned into a total gym bunny and would be at the gym when the doors opened at 6:30am. This meant that my workout for the day was done when most people were still hitting the snooze button... I was energised and ready to face the day knowing that I'd already done the most important thing for ME! 

On one hand it could be considered slightly selfish for putting you (and your business first) - but seriously - who's life are you living? EVERYTHING needs to be to YOUR satisfaction.

I feel powerful and in control when my work is done. When I can finish at lunchtime and head to the beach. But if you're dragging the guilt behind you of having 'achieved nothing' that morning it just ruins your day because you know deep down you've wasted ANOTHER day, ANOTHER opportunity...


If you start working after lunch then you'll never feel 'done'. There is ALWAYS something else to do - no matter what time of day you start working, but if you start early, you can cross off those VIP tasks and draw a line under it - and do more if you CHOOSE to do more.

But I promise you - if you actually DO THE FUCKING WORK and crossing it off your business is going to grow WAY faster than 'doing it later'. 


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