You’re an Onion – And You Don’t Even Know it!

By Alex

May 8, 2021

I discovered the sweetness of onions about the same time I first got my heart broken.

I'd moved out of home into my own apartment when I was 18 and fallen in love.

The hurt came about the same time I realised I wanted MORE from my kitchen than sandwiches and bland meat.

Back then, cooking shows weren't really a "thing", so I must've caught an episode of breakfast TV where a chef sliced and diced an onion, then slowly sauteed it in butter or oil (I forget which) until it caramelised and became sweet on the tongue.

Whaaaaat? Until that day I thought onions made you cry and gave a little savoury tang to an otherwise dull green salad - I didn't know they could be sweet too - so deliciously sweet you can scoop them on to a spoon and eat them just like that!

We, like onions - cry like a bastard the first time we're cut.

Then like onions, we have life cruelly peel our layers away and tossed aside, no longer of use - and we're chopped into tiny pieces... and the flung into the flames.

Mostly when we talk of surviving trauma or difficult situations, we say that it strengthens us - but in the curious case of onions - they don't become physically stronger, or even taste stronger - they become simply BETTER!

But instead of ruining us, raining tears and destroying what we once were - this "cruel" process is in fact the making OF us. 

Through every torturous period, we become stronger - and sweeter. Better. No longer just an air-tight impenetrable bulb - we become the base element for everything.

Feeding the soul and the belly.  

Through these trials and tribulations - and yeh... a lot of trials - you gain an inner strength which aids your growth as an online entrepreneur. 

I'm sure many of us wish we had the energy of youth - but it's our wisdom, compassion - and buttery sweetness that makes us irresistible! 

So the next time someone tries to tell you that you're nothing special - then you need to shout back:


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