When Your Confidence is Broken

By Alex

April 21, 2021

Now I don’t mean when you’ve told a secret and it’s been shared… but rather that your faith in yourself, your abilities and your intuition is in doubt.

Even though. Deep down you know you’re FUCKING RIGHT!

I frequently have feelings, thoughts or ideas which I think are FUCKING BRILLIANT – but I back off and don’t go with them, because nobody else is.

Then 18-24 months down the line, they’ve gone MAINSTREAM!

I make the stupid mistake of not trusting my own intuition and not having FAITH in the fact I am RIGHT!

How often does this, has this – happened to you?

Something you know deep down inside is RIGHT, right FOR YOU – but you find yourself lacking in the confidence to actually make it happen.

Your intuition does NOT lie to you!

I think it’s something that women get to grips with properly in our 40s. We’re able to analyse all the things which came before and we’re more sure of ourselves and the path we WANT to be on – rather than living up to the expectations of others.

We spend years putting the needs of others first – AND not wanting to upset the apple-cart or do something “weird” which will come back and haunt us in the future.

NEWSFLASH – You’ll look back at your mistakes, grimace and maybe think “well, if I were faced with that situation again I’d handle it differently” – but all these shit things shape us.

It’s so cliche to say you’ll regret the things you DIDN’T do – but isn’t it also so true?

You’ll regret not putting your message out there in the world. You’ll regret not living your life on your terms.

You are blessed with the intelligence, brilliance and good fortune to carve out a special life for yourself.

So how do we go about FIXING the BROKEN CONFIDENCE and feeling more sure in our decisions – even if they DO seem crazy? Whacky? Nonsense? Insane? Stupid?

I’ve had to learn how to make these shifts and of course it’s not as easy as just saying “OK, gonna do THAT” and then abandoning any and all worries and never considering any down-sides ever again.

It has to be incremental until you’re more practiced.

Well first off, you don’t get to put yourself in a box and stamp INSANE on the lid!

Secondly, you do it. You take action and you start moving your life towards what you know FEELS right deep inside of you.

That might be with the baby steps like buying the NICE (expensive) coffee because that’s what the WOMAN you’re dreaming of BECOMING is doing.

You slowly but surely shape your life to that ideal knowing that it is in TOTAL ALIGNMENT with where you’re going – and who you NEED to be – NOT just who you WANT to be!

We’re often told to “fake it before you make it” – especially in the online business world. Now, I’m not fully on board with that and I’m not suggesting you be “one of those” who’s making out you’re sat on a Chanel beach-lounger in Bali and work just 12 minutes a day whilst home-schooling your kids AND raking in $10k/day!

BUT! … You CAN start taking those incremental steps towards being the version of who you really NEED to be every day.


Buy the damned coffee!

Write the damned blog!


You have NOBODY on this planet to answer to BUT yourself. I already KNOW you’re doing the best you possibly can for your children – so that’s never in question. As mothers – every single damned thing we do honours our children’s needs – even when it sucks the life energy from us! πŸ˜‚


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