Don’t Let the Fuckers Shut Down Your Business Dreams!

By Alex

April 22, 2021

It's been 20 years... but I'm STILL pissed off with the fucker(s) who shut down my business idea.

They told me it was crazy!

It would NEVER work!

NOBODY would EVER buy that!

Know what it was? 

I wanted to start an online clothing company for plus-size women.

Yeh... bet you thought I wanted to sell bat-soup or coffee made from zebra fur and Egyptian artefacts!

Nup, clothes. Bras for big tits.

"But NOBODY will EVER buy clothes online" they said.

"haha, WHO would buy clothes online when there's a shop in X-town?".

Soooo... where do you buy your stuff these days? 

I buy most of my stuff online because I just can't be bothered going around the shops and finding they don't even have my size in stock. And that's before 2020 rocked up and everything was closed anyway.

So yeh. I closed down that idea. I was so excited. I was in my 20s and knew that I didn't want to do corporate forever and back then I LOVED clothes more than anything else, but living in a country with very few plus-sized women - I found it really hard to buy the clothes I wanted.

In fact, I would travel back to the UK and go on a mad shopping spree.

I KNEW it wasn't POSSIBLE for me to be the ONLY woman in that country struggling with buying clothes - but who wanted to buy something sexier than a Berghaus 8-man tent!

But I let the fuckers shut me down.

I didn't have enough faith in what I TRULY BELIEVED and KNEW to be TRUE!

So I'm begging you. If you've got a business idea or dream that you want to start up, bloody well go for it!

Just because "nobody else" is doing it right now, does NOT mean it's not a GOOD idea with GREAT prospects.

TAKE ACTION and SHOW the WHOLE DAMNED WORLD your idea is valid.

Actually - shift that mindset and DGAF for their approval. Unless they're paying your bills and putting food on your table - their opinion is irrelevant!

Ironically, the people who shut me down? Men. Slim men. 

Who were never in a month of Sundays going to be my Ideal Client Avatar!

Since then I've learned to trust my gut instinct. If my GUT says it's a good idea, damn right it is. It usually takes about 18-24 months before "the rest of the world" wakes the fuck up and sees things my way. But I NEVER let that slow me down these days.

My ideas are good.

They're from the heart.

They make me happy.



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