What is “Success” and “Having it All” When it Comes to Online Business?

In the world of online business, there's a lot of "bro" pressure surrounding the concept of success and "having it all".

The idea being that EVERYONE wants that 7/8-figure business, flying all over the world to conferences and having a coach whose name is usually only uttered in hushed tones because their mastermind rate would make a Royal come over all clammy. Those "gurus" so high up the food chain they don't even have a website because they don't NEED to market themselves helping you uplevel your business to make another x-million, expand your team and/or create more income.

Hmmn. Now I admit - I certainly bought in to that for a while - more than a while I'm sure. And yeh... I LOVED flying out to LA to bask in the sunshine, meet fellow like-minded entrepreneurial women and the piece de resistance? Not gonna be embarrassed to admit I LOVED the Tour of the Stars' Homes - fucking magical! πŸ˜‚ I also LOVED Venice Beach even though the tour guide told me it was full of "hippies and losers" - hmmmn.... my kinda vibe! πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

But truly - is it REALLY what we want?

No, no, no - I don't mean the turning left as you step onto the plane, the fantastic restaurants, the new experiences and meeting like-minded souls - I mean the whole damned "pressure cooker" feel of the industry.

I am reminded of the "Fisherman's Fable" - &TL:DR; Essentially there's a Mexican fisherman who goes out early morning, catches fish for the family to eat and then spends the rest of the day with his family and friends. A businessman comes along and tells him he can help build it into a series of boats, factories, big money - and then eventually the fisherman can sell it and live his perfect life. The kicker? His perfect life is getting up early... catching a few fish - then hanging out with his family and friends all day.

And this is EXACTLY where I'm at. Whether I earn 6/7 or 8-figures - it makes actually zero difference to the way I want to live my life - perhaps this is the luxury of middle-age - that you can actually look at the facts and say "nah, that's not going to work for me" - and to MEAN it!

My life is by design. I'm about to move to a house by the sea. I'll walk my dog in the mountains, swim in the sea, collect sea glass on the shore I might make in to jewellery if I fancy - and wrap up against the cold North winds in the winter.

What would I do if I were making the elusive 8-figures a year? Well... I guess I'd buy a house by the sea... walk my dog in the mountains, hang out with the kids, swim in the sea, curl up by the fire with a book...

You see where I'm going? 

I see many women feeling that they NEED to have this 7/8-figure business - that it's the epitome of "online business success" - but they become so caught up in this feeling of lack - or failure that they've NOT achieved this - that they stop to consider what they actually WANT... and how they could move their lives TO THAT - RIGHT NOW. Starting TODAY!

You may wish to earn enough money to supplement the "family pot" and pay for one blow-out holiday a year. You may wish to have enough to pay all your bills with a bit left over, you may wish to make a "shit load" and invest well - or you may even want to go for the 8-figures.

None of these answers are wrong - none of them. But it's certainly NOT wrong to wish for moderate success - enough to pay the bills and live your one - and only (!) - life just the way you want to live it.

There are no right or wrong answers or dreams - only those which fit for you - and FLOW for you.

The only REAL "right answer" is that you must truly find the balance between the life you want and the life you're willing to work for - and only you can ever answer that. It's not an intro from a book or a module from a course. The right answer will come TO you and will be UNSHAKEABLE and UNSTOPPABLE.

THAT is what defines success - NOT "next level" frippery.

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