Your Resume is Not Your Future – You Don’t Need Permission

By Alex

June 5, 2021

When I was 14 the internet was pretty damned "brand new". In a school not far outside London, England we listened in awe as our SOLE tech teacher described connecting to a computer in AMERICA and typing "hello" (or whatever it was).

I certainly didn't see a future which would allow me to work 100% from home online - in fact, I couldn't even envisage online - what the concept TRULY meant.

I trotted off to University (like a good gal) to do a Biological Sciences degree - and then BOOM (!) - fell in love with "All Things Online" and switched out to a Software Engineering degree.

Up to that point, I'd been all about the biology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry - then almost overnight I just HAD to be tinkering with machines, learning to code and build giant networks.

After University I worked techy jobs - I don't want to get in to this too much - except to say, turns out I didn't like it very much - I was bloody awful at "office politics" - never understood the "rules" of THAT game! ... and that actually, what I loved doing was creating stuff with MY input and ideas - rather than translating dull user requirements into equally dull software to be used in a corporate environment... Zzzz!

But I don't think there WERE any University courses about entrepreneurship back then - and there certainly wasn't any official body saying "sure you can do this, if you WANT to do this... and let's see what the best plan is for you".

So my "official" resume/CV says "software engineer/project manager" - but every fibre of my being is screaming NO, NO, NOOOOOO! πŸ˜‚

And that's where we are today - at this point where what you did before - be it last month, last year or where you saw your life going 20 years ago, no longer matters.

Because you get to choose - and you HAVE PERMISSION - not that you need anybody's damned permission, but just in case you were waiting for someone to give it - here, take some o' mine - YOU GOT IT!

Maybe you studied accountancy and were happiest with numbers 20 years ago - but today you find yourself loving creative copy and helping others do the same. Maybe you sold houses but actually what sets you alight is creating illustrations and graphics for blogs. 

Whatever it is you did - and whatever it is you want to do - the only barrier is YOU.

You get to choose where you're going. Starting today

You get to shape your future and the work you do - the way you WANT to do it - and here's the God's honest truth - the client who wants to see your resume and 20 testimonials and speak to 5 of your previous clients WILL be a MASSIVE pain-in-the-ass!

Perhaps their reticence is because you're not coming across as confident - and that's a tricky one to master, because until you step in to this place where you say "my name is X and I AM Y..." then you may come across as being uncertain - nonetheless, you have to OWN your new role - and you really do NOT have to take on the shitty clients who don't - and WON'T respect you!

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