What is an Opt-in – and Why You Need One

By Alex

January 29, 2019

Now while the word opt-in itself might be new to you – the concept won’t be. An opt-in is just an online industry name for “freebie giveaway” and I think we’ve all downloaded those to get a check sheet, workbook or some form of advice – and by doing this we sign up to a mailing list or newsletter.

That essentially is the name and aim of the game. You want to get people on your list (newsletter) so you can build a trustworthy relationship with you so that even if your potential client isn’t ready to buy with you just yet, they’ll get to know you, they’ll get to trust you and when they are ready to buy then you’ll be the first person that comes to mind.

Having an enormous Social Media following is great for the ego – I mean who wouldn’t want that right? But when push comes to shove we need to be thinking of the bottom line… and that’s sales! And that’s where your newsletter is going to come in to play.

When you think back across your online journey, what has been your favourite freebie opt-in?

Personally I don’t like a long workbook, when I decide I’m going to engage with someone online, I want to see their information fast. So unless it’s an email series or video series – just one or two pages suits me just fine. So consider what your audience might like – and also what you’d like to create. But I don’t think anyone wants (or needs!) a 28 page small-type essay!

To really make your customers fall in love with you, your freebie opt-in has to be attractive. That means not necessarily gold-plated paper or a video series shot on the beach in Bali – but you’ve got to make it something they want. Note the difference between need and want! We all need to drink water… but I’m not sure many people get excited about that – unless it’s the morning after a big night out!

So the aim is to create an impulsive response – you want your website visitors to be thinking “hell yeh, I want that right now – gimme it!”.

And that’s where your nurturing relationship can begin because once you have their email address you can bring them into the fold and businesses are built upon relationships.

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