Online Business Myths – Making 6 Figures

Unless today is Day 1 of your arrival to the great big shiny world wide web, then it can’t have passed you by that it’s all about the 6-figure business baby. 

“How I went from broke to 6-figures in 6 months and you can too!” 🤮

“How I made 6-figures doing what I love and changing lives” 🤮

“6-figures in 3 months” 🤮

“How I made 5-figures selling lemonade from my porch in 27 minutes at 2am and I can teach you how to do the same” 🤮

You get my drift.

Everyone and their dog is claiming to have cracked the code on how to consistently make 6-figure businesses in less time than it takes you to return your overdue library books!

So what is going on with this entire industry spinning the whole “6-figures” thing? 

I think it’s because 6-figures sounds both aspirational and achievable

If you’re going from corporate to running your own business then you’ll want to at the very least – make what you were earning before – with a touch of aspiration for nearly everyone thinking 100k+ would be a great start and I can build on it from there.

But the truth is – not everybody makes 6-figures – and certainly most don’t hit the ground running and make 6-figures in the first few months – or even the first year!

My business coach tells anyone who says they want a 6-figure business: “Great idea! But let’s get you to $75k first”. (I love her, she’s a realist!

Everyone else seems to have cracked the code and yet when I spoke to women running their own businesses they said it felt like an enormous amount of pressure and that they were failing or doing something wrong because they couldn’t make those 6-figures everyone else seemed to be finding so easy to make.

And therein lies the rub. When you’re feeling shitty about yourself and your ability to “attract clients” (i.e., start making your X figures!) – you’re going to give off crappy vibes and not feel motivated to do your best work.

So if you’re feeling like you’re doing something wrong because you don’t have a 6-figure business (YET!) and don’t see it happening any time soon – I just want to give you a little hug and say “it’s OK, it’s all bullsh*t anyway”. 

There are a lot of ducks out there… 🦆 😆

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