Funnels Made Easy – “Set it and Forget it”

By Alex

September 27, 2021

The most simple form of funnel you can design is one which welcomes new members of your audience into your world - and which you can SET IT AND FORGET IT!

What I mean is, once someone has opted in to your list then you'll have quite a simple automation introducing yourself, handing over the free goodies of what you've promised and then offering a quick and simple UPSELL as part of your funnel.

Your UPSELL should be a digital product which you can deliver by way of automation and requires little input from you. There will always be questions relating to things which go wrong such as logins not working/emails not received type thing - but this funnel should be very, very simple - delivering GREAT value - but actually costing you very little in terms of ongoing effort.

By offering your new audience a chance to work with you/buy from you from a very early stage, you're also giving people an indication of how you work, what sort of work you provide and it allows anyone who's not really interested beyond the freebie - to gracefully opt out and unsubscribe from your emails <--- which is NEVER a bad thing, because nobody wants a list of disengaged users who don't care what you've got to say!

Whilst you can set up your freebie very easily using an autoresponder such as ConvertKit* - it's going to take a few more steps to put your funnel into place.


  1. Autoresponder with free gift
  2. Create digital product
  3. Integrate payment systems and digital delivery
  4. (Test, test, test!)
  5. Use a "countdown timer" to deliver your introductory offer at a special discount rate ONLY for a short amount of time (I do 5 days because I know what it's like in the early stages to have to juggle cash around to buy what you want!)
  6. Set up your autoresponder with a series of emails to offer your DIGITAL PRODUCT
  8. Collect the cash! πŸ˜πŸ‘

It's going to take a little bit of time to put together your product and automations, but once it's done - it's done and that is the entire point of SET IT AND FORGET IT!

As ever in online business - the name of the game is to keep it simple and keep it workable.

*ConvertKit is an affiliate link, but it's the email autoresponder I 100% recommend to use. I've tried Mailchimp, Mailerlite, GetResponse and FloDesk - I've come back to ConvertKit - because it simply WORKS!  Using my link gives you 30 days PRO version FREE! 😎

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