The Best Way to Promote Your Blog Right Now

By Alex

September 28, 2021

With the current - and we'll be seeing more of them! - problems in using paid advertising and rising above the BORING STEPFORD BITCHES OF ONLINE BUSINESS - blogging is the BEST way to elevate your brand, status and display your expertise... all the while making the Machine Gods of Google [tm] love you a little more and work FOR you!

So by now you should be blogging every day - because blogging is an EVERGREEN STRATEGY which means, once you've written it - it STAYS there - unlike Social Media where what you post disappears in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

But? What's the best way to promote your blog?

1. Make sure your website is hooked up with Bing Webmaster and Google Console and then once a week, log on to these and make sure that they've reading an up-to-date version of your post-sitemap, so that everything you write is being indexed.

If you're being careful with keywords (although I don't believe this is the ONLY factor - because you should be writing for what you FEEL and believe in - and you're writing for PEOPLE, not machines!) - then you will fast see your website move up the Google ranks - and in turn, this will be self-perpetuating as more and more people VISIT your blog, it will be offered up more and more. Clever huh!? 😁

2. Set up a Social Media scheduler - and make use of the SET IT AND FORGET IT theory. Plug the posts up by making best use of the platform you're going to post to.

For example, I use long form for Facebook and Instagram because these platforms don't like driving people AWAY from them, so I'd rather post the entire article with a link - and that way, if someone is enjoying the article and it resonates with them - they can click through and find out more.

With Twitter, you're limited as to how many characters you can post - but it's still useful to use this platform to spread the word about what you're writing about.

I use the Social Bee scheduling platform, but there are many others out there which will  post your blogs and recycle them to automatically post in the future - a la SET IT AND FORGET IT!

3. Put a link to your blog in your newsletter footer because your subscribers may not be aware that you're blogging regularly and if they love what you're writing in your newsletters (which they will if you've taken my NOT ANOTHER FUCKING NEWSLETTER course!) - then they'll want to be reading your blog to get more value and insights directly from you.

4. Put a link in your regular email signature. Chances are - if you're personally emailing someone, they're already aware of your marketing channels - but it doesn't hurt to do this anyway.

5. You can promote in other Social Media groups and channels, however - you're unlikely to get GOOD traction here - and unlikely to convert buyers. Because these groups are where the CONSUMERS hang out... NOT the CREATORS! Consumers read and read and watch and watch... but they don't take steps to GROW! 

You want the CREATORS and not the consumers in your audience!

We always want the highest value customers in our audience - and we want to be working with those who genuinely want to change and are looking for answers.

6. Guest blogging. I'm in a two minds about this - whilst it could be valuable to submit your posts to another entrepreneur in a similar or complimentary field to you, when I've opened myself up to guest posts before, I've been sorely disappointed by the quality of submissions! Let that be a warning to you!

Blogging really IS the best way to demonstrate your knowledge and ability within your genre and by doing so on a regular (daily!) basis, you'll set yourself apart from those who are 'playing' at online business - because you're 1) showing you're in it for the long-haul and 2) you're LIVING your business - not just playing!

So pull your fucking finger out and get writing! Set the Pomodoro timer up because you should be able to do this in 25 minutes from opening the back end of your website, searching for the image, writing your blog, basic SEO and hitting publish! 


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