There Are 2 Types of Entrepreneur – Which One Are You?

By Alex

August 16, 2020

There are two types of entrepreneur right now in our crazy divided world – but if we dial it back a notch – aren’t we just saying there are 2 types of people in the world?

Which type are you?

Right now in 2020 everything seems to be in a state of flux.

Politics is partisan.

Long-standing and deep-rooted injustices and assumptions are being over-turned with firm movements.

… and let’s not forget COVID.

Never in my lifetime have I seen such split thinking and lack of nuance. There seem to be no shades of grey. People aren’t having a side of that, with a slice of this and just a nibble of that over there.

I have been fascinated – and more than a little disturbed (!) to see the way COVID has played out with people’s thoughts, attitudes towards risk-assessment and not forgetting that hideously slippery slope of “dobbing in the neighbours”.

Come March those of us lucky enough not to be on the frontline (the supermarket workers, the power station personnel, the delivery drivers, the couriers and all the others largely forgotten) hunkered down at home.

As the weeks turned into months we were able to see how this was playing out on a global scale and what our own personal attitude was towards risk.

Now I see two types of person:

  1. Clutching their clipboard – and wanting to be told what to do!
  2. Scratching their head and thinking “hang on a minute…

Type 1 is doing what they’ve been told and what they think they should be doing to be “good”.

Type 2 is thinking. Whether you think rightly or wrongly – don’t EVER stop thinking.

Don’t wait to be told what to do. Always be asking the difficult questions and always be thinking critically.

How does this translate to the entrepreneurial world?

We see the people in the Type 1 group gamely following the herd.

If Guru X says to hit up people’s DMs, stick them on your Facebook friends list and spam the shit out of them… then some will do it. Nay, lots of people will do it!

If Guru Y says to create a Facebook group and ask “tell me your biggest struggle in business right now“, they’ll follow.

If Guru Z says “down tools, we’re all going on holiday”, they’ll do it.

I think it’s almost as if they’re waiting for permission. They need someone to say “yes, do it!” and that’s a mindset issue particularly prevalent with women seeking approval.

Take Back Your Power

Be Type 2.

Get things wrong. Fuck up. Learn from your mistakes. But don’t ever stop trying to make things better and to WALK YOUR OWN DAMNED PATH! 

When you make your own decisions it can be scary. It can be easier to do what the majority are doing – because if 99 people are doing something one way, then it’s got to be right, right?

I don’t think so.

I never much liked being told what to do and I certainly don’t like being told to do what everyone else is doing.

Be bold and create your own path.

The funny thing is… nobody’s really paying attention anyway – they’re all too busy conforming to worry about you doing “wrong” stuff.

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