Courage is Walking Your OWN Path

By Alex

April 16, 2021

The easy path is ALWAYS to go the same way as others.

To do what they say you SHOULD do.

But when every fibre in every cell of your body is screaming at you NO – that’s when you must collect up your courage and have faith in your intuition to do it YOUR WAY.

This is NOT the easy way and there will be many times when you doubt the path you’re on. Because if it were the right path, why aren’t others following it?

When you choose to take your own path, you need to forge the way – but it propels you into the role of leader.

Others who were hiding in the shadows will feel encouraged and empowered by your ability to lead… and they will FOLLOW!

You can be DAMNED sure that when YOU are the one choosing the NEW and HARD path, that it’s the RIGHT one.

Experience has consistently shown me that when I make BIG decisions others don’t like – it’s rarely that I’m WRONG – but it scares the shit out of people when you MAKE WAVES.

The default position seems to be to keep your head down, below the parapet, don’t make waves and don’t draw attention to yourself.




It’s 2021 and the world needs leaders more than ever before.

The world needs thinkers.

The world needs women who aren’t afraid.

Those who trust their intuition.

Their heart.

The women who feel vibrations within themselves… knowing that it’s POWER waiting to be UNLEASHED.

You have the power within you. Don’t be scared to FEEL it. It’s your time.

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