Outsource Your Cleaning

By Alex

April 12, 2021

It’s always the same.

When you start your online business, people are clamouring to tell you that you GOTTA OUTSOURCE!

And the first thing you should outsource?


Hang on just a minute will you?

Now I’m not a fan of a hovel – although I do subscribe to the theory of “sweeping the room with a glance“… but seriously? CLEANING?


Is that REALLY the thing that’s held women back from building business? Worrying about the fucking toast crumbs in the kitchen or a damp towel on the bathroom floor?

I WEEP for 1) Those whose lives have been stalled because there’s a smear on the kitchen sink and 2) Those who think this is FUCKING IMPORTANT!

Outsource whatever the FUCK you like – but please! AIM HIGHER than your goddamn carpets!

I can honestly say that when I’m ON THE JOB, focused and genuinely BUSY – not busy with BEING busy (!) – that I forget to eat… never mind do the bloody dusting.

You are meant for SO much more than to be a damned 50’s haus-frau and it annoys the shit out of me that OTHER WOMEN feel that cleaning has to be a woman’s number 1 priority in life/the house – and so before she gets her hands dirty with y’know… CREATING A BETTER FUCKING LIFE – she’d better organise getting those skirting boards scrubbed.

You’ll be a long time dead, dust to dust, ashes to ashes and all that – so save yourself some time – get ahead of the game and EMBRACE THE DUST!

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