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Launch your next program with TAILORED TO YOU Launch Sequence Emails in YOUR VOICE... even if you're suffering TOTAL OVERLOAD and can't think of a SINGLE THING to say!... and let's face it - you HATE SELLING!

This round OPEN until 26th January 2022


You missed out!


Ready to LAUNCH but avoiding being visible by not actually SENDING your launch sequence emails?

Your latest program is going to be FUCKING EPIC because you've plugged your HEART and SOUL into your zone of genius and you FUCKING KNOW that your COURSE KICKS BALLS

But "getting social" and SELLING in your EMAILS is pushing back your launch date because... 

  • You can't think of a single thing to say which doesn't sound DESPERATE or SALESY

  • You haven't got the time to SIT and THINK about how BEST to do this.

  • You KNOW that C&P generic templates are ICK... and SO not you and you don't even WANT to be "that kind of marketer" even if you could bring yourself to fire up the templates!

  • You STRUGGLE to get the words out of your brain and ON TO the page and WRITER'S BLOCK is delaying your launch... and your PAY DAY!

  • You simply FUCKING HATE doing this SALES stuff and you just want to RUN YOUR DAMNED COURSE!

  • You struggle with ASKING and don't want to sound NEEDY.

And the thing is... if you don't GET A HANDLE on your SELF-PROMOTION that your launch is going to FLOP... but you'll give yourself some BULLSHIT excuse about the "WRONG PEOPLE" or "WRONG TIME" - or even worse... start BERATING YOURSELF for being "no good at this".

Because if there's really one thing you FUCKING HATE about LAUNCHING... it's doing those damned SALES activities. 

You know you NEED to - because if YOU'RE not going to TELL THE WHOLE DAMNED WORLD just how FUCKING AMAZING your program is - WHO IS?

And you know that your CLIENTS are NOT templates they're REAL with DREAMS & DESIRES... so WHY THE FUCK would you INSULT them with C&P mass-produced TEMPLATES which speak to NOBODY?

But all this hesitancy to actually y'know... SELL YOUR SHIT means you keep pushing back your launch date telling yourself you're "not quite ready".


But wouldn't it be wonderful to just hand over THIS SHIT to someone else you can TRUST to bring your AUTHENTIC MESSAGE to your AUDIENCE... so that you can put your precious TIME and ENERGY into making sure your PROGRAM is KNOCK-IT-OUT-OF-THE-PARK BRILLIANT?

Wait!... Did someone shout S.O.S. ???

Launching is EASY... if you're VISIBLE... and you're NOT AFRAID to SELL YOUR SHIT!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Holler S.O.S!

We kick off by having a video chat so I can learn more about you, your course, your structure and beliefs and basically... what a cool-assed woman you REALLY are. This means I can really get to understand YOUR MESSAGE so that I can create my BEST copy IN YOUR NAME

We start with an ETHICAL gentle introduction to your course at around 3-4 weeks from the start date, floating the idea to your list and reminding them that "woohoo! still here!". 😁 Because nobody, but NOBODY likes being launched to HARD every 6 months and ignored the rest of the time!

With just 14 days to CART CLOSE, I'll give you 14 days worth of LAUNCH EMAILS including "final push" emails for the last few days. 

And we'll even follow those up with a "downsell" for anyone who didn't want the full program at that time!

These are for YOU and YOUR PROGRAM only. I don't re-use material from one person to the next. My Words. YOUR LAUNCH.

You get to concentrate YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS on your course... and I'll be your invisible SALES WOMAN.


I'll get to know you with a friendly interview so I can learn about you and your business, your launch, your quirks and foibles so I can assume YOUR VOICE when I create YOUR copy.

We'll agree your launch date and when you can expect to receive your Launch Emails from me.


Launch Emails to connect to your customer including an Ethical Gentle Start, "here we go for real" and extra "Doors Closing" emails for the final day.

Uniquely crafted to explore YOUR story and YOUR vision, ALWAYS SELLING - but NEVER "SALESY"!

My words. Your Copy & Paste. Easy-peasy.



Because there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to send you out there to launch a course when your SALES PAGE SUCKS... I'm going to help you BULLETPROOF your MESSAGE... and I'm going to CHEER you on ALL THE WAY


It wouldn't be ethical for me to create Launch Emails for you if your Sales Page SUCKED.  So we'll ensure you show the audience you serve exactly what you do – with no confusion – so you land the perfect client.

Every time!

You'll be perfectly positioned to dominate your niche with a digital presence which shouts authority and ditches the desperation.


You'll have DAILY ACCESS to me for whenever you're having a "bit of a wobble" and your confidence needs massaging!

I'll be shakin' ma pom-poms and championing your success DAILY to help you create that BUZZ you need to sell the fuck OUT!

Put your GENIUS into your COURSE, NOT your COPYWRITING

SOS - MAN THE LIFEBOATS allows ME to become your RIGHT-HAND WOMAN and step into the role of SALES WOMAN on your behalf... but it'll be OUR SECRET.

Nobody will ever know these aren't YOUR words because I'm going to use YOUR STORY and YOUR VISION to promote YOU.

This isn't some bullshit "Motivation Monday" shit. This is you SELLING THE FUCK out of your program in a CONNECTED and GENUINE way. 


without running yourself into the ground, giving up sleeping or giving yourself some weird stress-induced "itchy-skin" thing! 😁

s.o.s. - man the lifeboats

Bespoke, Conversion-Focused SALES Copy for your LAUNCH



  • Ethical Gentle Launch Emails
  • 14 Days Launch Emails
  • ETHICAL Payment Plan


Can I re-use the emails you give me?

Absolutely! Everything I write FOR you, belongs TO you! 

You'll be able to re-use the emails the next time you launch this program - or you could tweak them for a different program. Point is, you don't need to keep "re-inventing the wheel".

What if I want to Launch before 4 weeks?

That's great. I'm going to provide you with 3-4 weeks of Ethical Gentle Start + Launch Emails, so it makes sense to give yourself at least 21 days so you get the full benefit of "as many eyeballs as possible" on your promotional and sales materials.

About Alex Sheach

Alex is an expert strategist with a flair for expressive writing which connects with her audience and evokes emotion.

She believes in the power of harnessing the written word and using it to demonstrate expertise, confidence and clarity when marketing online businesses.

She's anti-BS, anti-fluff and embraces grown-assed methodology for growing an online business with authentic Sales & Marketing strategies.

Nae drama!