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hey friend!

I want to save you from making ALL the daft mistakes I've made in online business since 2014 - so...

I'm inviting you to pick my brains from Friday 22nd July 8pm London to Sunday 24th July 8pm London for an inflation-busting investment of just $297.

You're halfway through 2022 and you're living Q3 already - but WTF has happened to your business growth & success?

You've been working like a demented monkey, but stuff just isn't working out.

The more clarity you think you get... the more questions you find and you just want someone to tell you what the fuck to do

Boo? I got you and for 48 hours (22nd - 24th July) you can send me as many Voxer (voice-messaging system) messages as you like about ANYTHING to do with your business, your growth, your strategy, your marketing, your sales, your sales page, your funnel, your newsletters... you get my drift. NOTHING is off-limits.

Because I've made 1000 shiny mistakes since launching in 2014, I want to save you the heartache of making crappy decisions and chasing things which just don't matter.

I'm gonna give you my 100% honest and clear answers. To ALL your questions - especially those around SALES PAGE COPY, hot trends, LAUNCH SEQUENCES and what to avoid so you don't sound as dull & dusty as the mainstream bishes!

It's like having a magic 8-ball in your pocket... but instead of running on magnets, I run on techy-wizardry & marketing psychology know-how

This is NOT for you if you're just starting out and don't know where to start. 

This IS for you if you're hitting 2022 hard and just need some precision direction + focus so that you hit Q3 like a woman on a mission.

About Alex Sheach

Alex is an expert copy strategist with a flair for expressive writing which connects with her audience and evokes emotion.

She believes in the power of harnessing the written word and using it to demonstrate expertise, confidence and clarity when marketing online businesses.

She's anti-BS, anti-fluff and embraces grown-assed methodology for growing an online business with authentic Sales & Marketing strategies.

Nae drama!