Your DM Strategy is Horrible – Why Are You Doing It?

By Alex

November 28, 2021

It's 2021 and most of us don't answer the phone to unknown numbers.

We file junk mail in the trash.

It's unacceptable for a man to harass us to ask us on a date or comment upon our appearance.

Yet you think it's OK to "slide into my DMs" to sell your shit? With your blatantly untrue claims of wanting to get to know me better/network with like-minded women.

Your sales pitch doesn't come close to being as cute as this puppy! 😁


But somewhere out there - someone is teaching a strategy to MODERN women, to online coaches, course creators and all kinds of online entrepreneurs - that the path to success is... COLD CALLING IN DMS! πŸ™„

Believe me, it's not cute. It's annoying and sleazy AF! 

It does NOT make me want to go and find out more about what you do - because I can see RIGHT THERE that we're NEVER going to be a good fit.

Because the women I choose to work with are discerning, honest and work with integrity.

They don't NEED to pitch to the unaware or the vulnerable because their results and their marketing speak for themselves.

With gravitas. 


Just yet another driving factor of my exasperation of Social Media for business marketing - which is IMO, low-value, noisy, low-vibe, entry-level junk - are the numbers of DMs I receive from people I have NO fucking idea who they are.

I mean it's weird enough getting a DM from someone you haven't seen in 20 years but at least do share some common history - but from a complete stranger you know is just trying to pitch you something? Ugh

I decided to "fight back" against this onslaught with a new tactic.

My assistant now handles my inbox on SM and when someone sends me one of these unsolicited messages or requests, my assistant politely responds and lets them know that of course they can get in touch with me and that she'll let me know to expect an email from them.

Number of emails received to date?



That's right. I get more emails from random agencies with fake names offering to do my website/SEO than I actually get from women who CLAIM they want to NETWORK WITH ME.

What's THAT all about then?

I mean they've got the time to copy & paste an inauthentic message and slam it into my SM mailbox without my permission or request... but they can't even send me an email? I mean I'd maybe even give them a point for copying & pasting the lame message into an email if they'd send it directly to me...

But nup... that's against the law - and because what they're ACTUALLY trying to do is SELL... they know that's not going to fly if they "cold call" my email address.

I need you to understand - that if you're sending unsolicited dick pics DMs in the hope of winning clients - that it's a PREDATORY and SLEAZY marketing tool and you need to go away and give yourself a good bloody shake - because really, do you WANT to be that predatory fucker?

Stop taking advice from people who are acting like fucking velociraptors and start acting like a human being with a small grasp upon personal ETHICS!

The clients you may "win" - and I use that term loosely! by arriving unannounced in their DMs to sell their shit - you have to know you're TAKING ADVANTAGE of someone who's clearly in a VULNERABLE place. They will not be happy and confident action-takers - because they are the sort of people who've just fallen for a "scam" and that's NOTHING for you to be congratulating yourself about.

STAY ETHICAL and drop the bullshit & drama please. Everyone in the online space can DO BETTER.

Anyway... just off to check my emails in case any of those networking requests from women who "REALLY want to learn more about me and my business" ever materialise... πŸ₯ƒ

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