What You THINK You Know About SEO is Throttling Your Growth

By Alex

November 18, 2021

Let's get this straight right here, right now.

SEO is NOT the be all and end all of business growth.

In FACT, if you're trying to build your business purely on the merits of SEO, then you're probably fucking up.

Big claim right? 

Well here's how it goes.

I see over and over - and excuse me here whilst I drag this blanket of ennui right over my head so I can try and avoid reading about it one more fucking time! - poor SEO practices all in the name of "winning the SEO war" - and... all the while forgetting the actual IMPORTANT bit - i.e., making your site fucking interesting with something fucking interesting to buy/do.

Google employ some of the best minds on the planet. Do you seriously think for one teeny-tiny-slippery fucking second they're going to fall for your elementary-grade SEO tactics? Your keyword stuffing, your boring, bland lists, your keyword-stuffed alt-tags?

Fuck no!

That shit may have worked 15 years ago - but I refer you to that point about Google employing smart people to design smart algorithms which rewards quality - not click-baity, keyword-stuffed, low-quality back-linked drivel!

And yet it's probably "easier" to tell yourself that your business would be better if only you had a few more backlinks - if only you put the keyword in the alt tags a bit more - because that's what "they're" all saying right?

Sure Jan. You go right ahead and do that. You go right in to your media folder and rename ALL those alt tags and THAT will be the one definitive moment your business accelerates and you know... shit actually changes.

Or... you could put all that fucking time and energy into actually developing GOOD SHIT, marketing YOUR good stuff, SELLING your good stuff.

But maybe it's actually easier for you to continue at that low-grade, stay in the same shallow pond as all the other detritus-feeders - never actually making the decision to stand up and be counted. Stand up and create. Stand up and CHOOSE TO BE ALIVE!

Quickly whizzing back to the alt-tags. You know what they're there for? Nup, they're NOT just another excuse for you to try and "game" Google 🙄 - they're there for the visually-impaired. Those who use software to read what's on the page. So when every single fucking image reads "the best vegetarian cooking blog online" that gives... let me count this up... yeh right, ZERO indications as to what the picture is for your user. If your picture depicts a woman riding a pink fucking bicycle - then that's what you put in your alt tags.

Technical SEO IS important - and what I mean by that is that if your site takes an absolute fucking age to load, Google won't like that. If your site is filled with pop-ups or can't be read on a mobile - you'll be penalised. But as most commercial WordPress themes are mobile-optimised these days, that becomes a lesser thing to worry about and your priority there should be looking for good hosting.

But for the love of G-d you need to stop worrying about how many fucking H1 or H2 tags you've got in your post - and just write the damned post and at least attempt to make it moderately enjoyable to read.

People aren't reading your site because it's fucking dull.

Every single blog you write needs to make your audience FEEL something - doesn't matter if it's joy and elation or rage and fury - the only thing they're not going to stick around and read is BEIGE and VANILLA.

Good writing means that your readers stick around for a longer time on your site - this gives Google FAR more information than ANY alt tag or H2 tag EVER will.

I cannot stress that more - and yet I'm going to have to tear what little hair I have out YET AGAIN because the blogging world is so stuffed with beige... 

Google doesn't give a fuck. You need to stop writing for computers - and start writing for your readers.

Computers don't buy your shit.

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  • I think you make some good points.
    It’s a bit hard to navigate through all the foul language, though, as if the f-bomb is your keyword. Personally, I believe people would take you more seriously without all the foul language, but that’s just my $.02

    I truly wish that blog content was all that mattered. It’s certainly more enjoyable to just WRITE! But it’s also difficult to find an audience when you’re small. I’d rather not jump through all the SEO hoops, but we do want out blogs to get seen, so we try to do our best overall.

    I think the gist of what you’re saying here is true. Interesting content is what brings people. I can buy that. And somewhere in there is also the fact that there is a lot of work in marketing and sharing, so people can find your work. Trying to learn that now.

    God bless! Have a great day!

    Ridge Haven Homestead

    • Awww – don’t hate it! Just utilise the bits which make sense to you, write for the joy of writing and ignore the bits you really don’t want to even think about – what an energy suck that must be!

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