Blogging for Influence – Why it Matters

By Alex

March 4, 2022

I'm just getting over the dreaded C-word. You'd have thought living on a tiny, wee, isolated island I'd have escaped such things - alas not. But here we are, 3.5 weeks later slowly crawling back into the world.

Blogging doesn't sleep - even when you do!

I had plans this last month to totally re-vamp my Social Media - whilst I still think Social Media sucks balls - it is to some extent a necessary evil when it comes to modern-day marketing and we must all play the game to some degree.

But I got sick and whilst thankfully I never felt in any real medical danger - I slept. I waved the kids off to school and crawled back into my bed.

For 3 weeks.

I created ZERO new content.

No new Social Media posts.

No new newsletters (and I LOVE writing those!).

... And no new blogs.

Nonetheless, Google (& Bing) kept on sending traffic my way BECAUSE of my blogs - and I gained new subscribers, new leads and even made sales - BECAUSE my blog is working as a marketing tool 24/7 and doesn't require constant massaging in the same way a Social Media account does.

And now I'm able to work fully again, catch up on life admin, house admin, work admin, blogs, newsletters, clients and the whole caboodle - I'm grateful that my blog ALLOWED me to rest and recover without needing to force myself to be "present" on Social Media.

That right there is why CONTENT WILL ALWAYS BE QUEEN - and when I say content - I mean the value you can provide by way of blogging, writing articles & white papers and case studies. 

They stick around and have longevity whilst your SM accounts fester under cobwebs - people will NEVER stop searching for shit on Google.

Blogging for influence means not only influencing your clients directly - but leveraging that influence with the big Search Engines and making THEM work for you - I mean sure, you can post 65 times a day on Facebook, make connections/spam the shit out of people - or you can choose to make GOOGLE your bitch and have it send clients your way.


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