Vanity Metrics SUCK YOUR GROWTH!

By Alex

April 24, 2021

Until I decided to FULLY EMBRACE the message I'm SENDING out to the women who needed me... I shied away from Social Media Marketing.  A combination of "introvert problems" and not feeling confident enough in what I was doing.

So anyone who goes hunting would see I've not got many followers ON Social Media.

Thing is. My people are ON MY LIST - and I've got WAAAAAAY more BUYERS than followers. 

Getting caught in the trap of thinking "when I have 1000/2000/10,000 followers on FB/Instagram" is a fine way to halt your progress. Because: 

1. What the FUCK are you waiting for?

2. "Vanity metrics" (e.g., "I've got more followers than HER!") will suck your Bottom Line because you are wasting time fannying around posting dumb-assed quotes rather than actually CREATING and SELLING your STUFF!

3. You have ZERO idea what's going on in someone's bank account or how many pings they're getting on Stripe just because they have 10k followers on Instagram!

Everyone wants a huge following - I mean that makes sense right? Without an audience - how are people going to know WHO you are?*

But the trouble is - FOLLOWERS are NOT the same as BUYERS!

Big difference. HUGE as Julia Roberts would've said back in the 80s (90s??).

With all the people I have on my list - and that number is not visible to casual observers - I mean hello? GDPR for one! 😁 And being a "braggy shit" for number two! πŸ‘ - I always know where the next sale is coming from - and that's an audience which REMAINS mine - no matter what jiggery-pokery shit is going down at some tech office in San Francisco!

*I got people on my list by "breaking the rules". I didn't slide into peope's DMs. I didn't spam the shit out of FB groups. I didn't live 24/7 on Social Media BEGGING for likes.

Nup. I created something and then went out and SOLD it to a COLD AUDIENCE using ads! 

Yep. Broke the rules, but hey-ho - ya gotta be who you are!  

You can either FOLLOW THE HERD... or you can BREAK SOME FUCKING RULES!

You CAN build a Social Media audience concurrently with selling good products, but you need to concentrate on GROWING YOUR LIST because that's your REAL audience. They are people who are GENUINELY INTERESTED in what you have to say - not just clickers.

Nearly every day on Facebook I find myself either leaving a group or unliking a page. Probably something I clicked "like" on 4 years ago and completely forgot about until it popped up in my feed - and I think we're ALL trying to streamline our feeds a little as it becomes overwhelming.

But the newsletters I've stuck with? Those are the ones I enjoy. Most of the newsletters I read and have never unsubscribed from? I don't follow those people on Social Media - and wow! I never got the hang of Twitter. Some Social Media channels are just NEVER going to be "you" - but damnit - everyone reads! 

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