Untamed Rebellious Female Entrepreneurs are Fighting Back!

If the Online Industry Model is Broken - then where does that leave the talented, scrappy, rebellious, misfit, untamed female entrepreneur determined not to either fit into this "one size doesn't fit all" box - or to present a watered down version of herself? 

Well, it pretty much goes like this.

For a while she's happy swimming along with everyone else. She's having fun putting all the pieces of an online business together and she's tried launching a thing or two - but perhaps to not much success... or worse still? With NO enjoyment*!

*Something people in the online industry don't tend to talk about much - I mean sure there's a lot of blather about "following your passion" ๐Ÿคฎ and "what do you know, love and could teach every day?" - but when push comes to shove, you just don't enjoy doing it THAT way - and teaching/providing/coaching is sucking all the joy out of it anyway - especially doing it following THAT boring model.

But for the thinking woman, there comes a point where she feels stuck.

She can't carry on the way she HAS been... and knows that if she takes YET ANOTHER course - it's going to bring her no closer to where she wants to be anyway. It'll just suck at her bank account and make her feel like a loser.

So she stalls.

She procrastinates.

Steps back.

Fiddles with her pens. Re-arranges her desk.

Buys another planner. Cuz a planner will fix things right

And yet... the one thing she's resisting the most? 

Stepping into HERSELF.


And the only person putting "baby" in the corner is herself.

She's waiting for permission to haul her arse OUT of the corner and start doing things HER way, the way which makes sense to HER.

But... the "old model/formula/blueprint" is never, ever, EVAH gonna deliver that - because it's pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Those who are ABSOLUTE newbies.

Those who NEED to be told what to do. How and when - and have their hands held.

But there's little scope for trusting your instincts, giving stuff a whirl and seeing how it shakes down - or fuck it, just taking the afternoon off to walk on the beach, throw pebbles in the water and be happy in yourself.

Hustle, hustle, hustle is so "bro marketing circa 2014" - yet it still spills its insidious tentacles into women's lives. Telling them if they're not working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week then they don't "want" it enough - or that they aren't trying.

But the truth is, the current online industry model is SO restrictive that it can ONLY ever work for those who cannot think for themselves.

The ones with zero creativity.

Zero imagination.

Zero drive.

For the rebellious women - y'know - the ones who travelled, live 1000 lives before they settled down, have stories galore, secrets-never-to-be-told and thank Christ they grew up in a pre-Social Media era ๐Ÿ˜‚ (!) - they don't fit into the box.

They remain untamed.

They've OUTGROWN the blueprint.

When you've outgrown the "online industry" blueprint - that's when you KNOW you're the top 1%. #femaleentrepreneur #digitalmarketing

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They're ready for BEYOND.

BEYOND what is being served up daily on the menu of the free-from-creativity drones. 

It's time.

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