Tortoises DON’T win at COURSE CREATION

Before I got walloped with the "oh, of FUCKING course" stick - I was the same.

I was a fucking TORTOISE!

I was one of those female entrepreneurs working online always TELLING myself I was creating - and that I would launch "in about 3 months".

That mindset is TOTALLY normal in the online space. 

It puts us neatly in that box of "online entrepreneur" and "course creator" - without ever actually GETTING SHIT DONE and SHIFTING THE FUCKING NEEDLE because we've got this "oh, I've got 3 months and before I GET MY FUCKING HEAD TOGETHER, I'll just make a new graphic in Canva or I'll read this blog about passive income or I'll watch another webinar about LAUNCHING A FUCKING COURSE".

1 month comes. 1 month goes.

2 months come. 2 months go.

3 months come. 3 months go.

And still. No fucking course launched.

A 1000 ideas scribbled on a notepad or neatly stored in an online planner.

Crossed out. Deleted.

Start again.

What if it's not good enough?


What if I'm not doing it RIGHT?

But what if you are? 

What if LETTING GO and just CREATING the damned THING - WAS the RIGHT way?

The right way for YOU.

Away from the RULES.

Away from the BS of SEEDING the idea. Planning the fuck out of it. Asking your audience what they'd like... and then taking the lead from someone who's NOT A FUCKING ALPHA!

What if you just sat down and wrote that SALES page FROM THE HEART knowing that what you have to give of SERVICE is EXACTLY what people are CRYING out for?

Nobody is marking your homework. You don't get graded on your course creation.

All those things on your TO-DO list... you probably don't even need to do. 

But they distract you.

They keep you small.

They keep you waiting until all your FUCKING DUCKS are "IN A ROW".

What if you just DID IT?

Wrote it? 


Let the others TORTOISE their way through life.

Take what's yours - because you had the BALLS to go out and GRAB it!

I am NEVER short of course ideas. It doesn't take me 3 months to launch a course. I get an idea? I create it. I launch it. No fucking around.

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