STOP! Living Your Life on Autopilot!

By Alex

October 10, 2021

If there's one thing we know for sure in life - it's that life crawls along until you're about 18 - and then it fucking flies by! 

Summers that felt like they'd never end when you were 8 years old, suddenly seem to be over in a flash when you're 40 - the seasons roll continuously and it's all too easy to feel like time is slipping away from us and we never get to catch up.

But what if you could change all that?

What if you could STEP OFF the fucking HAMSTER WHEEL and start living the way you WANTED to?

To make every day yours.

There's a secret - psssst! It's for women only! πŸ₯‚

Are you ready?

Here goes:


Seriously! Nobody gives a fuck if you didn't wipe the toast crumbs off the breakfast counter this morning. 

Nobody gives a fuck if there's a dusty-bunny behind the TV.

Nobody gives a fuck if your Hygge blanket smells a touch too much of dog.

There are SELF-IMPOSED LIMITS - and... I'm guessing that the remedying of these 'problems' aren't going to feature highly on your list of "activities which bring me joy" any time soon! 

STOP trying to be everything to random people who DO. NOT. MATTER.

STOP caring that you might be caught "on the hop" and less than perfect.

The people who TRULY matter DGAF that you've not filled the dishwasher for 2 days.

The people who LOVE you don't care that the last time you saw an iron was when you were hunting under the kitchen sink for a candle during a power-cut.

Living your life on auto-pilot is just completing a list of tasks set by SOMEBODY else - which you're imposing upon yourself because... 

Well, I don't know the fuck why.

Because to step off the wheel it means you have to admit to yourself you're not perfect?

Because it's easier to step in with the herd than think about how you're living your life and claim it as a "fuck no!"?

Because it's what you've always done and you're scared people will think less of you? 

Living on auto-pilot is just doing all the stuff you really "don't wanna", but you do anyway, regardless of whether they bring you any peace - because it's easier to copy, to follow - than to STEP UP AND LEAD.


There's a world of difference between being an utter dick to everyone you meet - and unleashing your inner SELFISH BITCH - but it really is time to UNLOCK YOUR OWN SHACKLES and start living life on your own terms.


Your business.

Your vision.

Your choice. 

STOP doing business the way the BORING STEPFORD BITCHES OF ONLINE BUSINESS are doing theirs... just because "everyone else is doing it that way".

STOP being a SLAVE to the directions of OTHERS.

The one thing they'll NEVER control or own is your MIND, your DESIRES and your FREEDOM to live.

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