Seriously! What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

By Alex

March 23, 2022

I'm not gonna sit here and repeat "fear is a great motivator" - because it really isn't. When you're plumbing the depths of fear, self-loathing, imposter syndrome and wondering how the fuck YOU think you have the right to do anything it doesn't really help. At all.

All I can tell you is that EVERYONE gets scared.

EVERYONE gets the fear. At every single level of running their own business. OK, Elon - not you! πŸ˜‚

But everyone. From the woman writing her first blog post under a pseudonym to the woman walking on to a stage in LA with her hair perfectly coiffed and wearing $900 heels. She's scared.

And. So what?

So fucking what if you don't immediately receive a personal letter from the Queen when you post your first/500th blog? 

So fucking what if nobody comments on your FB live?

So fucking what if you drop your canape into your wine at a networking event and have to make the hard choice of acknowledging you're a klutz and finding somewhere to put down the sullied glass and find a new one - vs. brazening it out, hoping the pastry will dissolve into the wine and you'll neck it back anyway! πŸ₯ƒ

So what if you're the woman who walks onto the stage with your perfectly coiffed hair and the heel snaps on your $900 heels?

So fucking what?

If women can trip over their dress on their way to accept their Oscar - and I can trip over my undone dressing gown on the way to my bedroom - then yeh, we're all in this together right! πŸ‘‘

It takes a LOT of guts to put yourself out there. Whether you're doing it daily or whether you're working up to doing it once a week. You are DOING it, not sitting there telling yourself "one day" or "when I've got all the pieces together" or "when it's the right time".

As women what we know for sure is that there is NEVER a fucking "right time" for 99% of the shit we do

You probably won't ever get over the fear of inducing criticism or receiving a backlash against your ideas... but does it REALLY matter if "they" aren't on board?

We only have one life and sure as shit nobody's going get "wrote bad blog posts" on your tombstone in 3" high cursive script! πŸ˜‚ #copywriting #entrepreneur

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My idea is my idea is my idea.

Might be good - might be shit. What I am sure of is that unless someone's putting food on my table - then I'm not really interested in their opinion. I might struggle, I might figure things out the hard way - but it'll be my way. 

Backlash? Woaaaaaah - backlash means you're making people think about things they don't wanna think about. 'Course deep down they may well agree with you, but perhaps it takes less effort to go along with the majority and not question the narrative. 

Haterz gonna hate. Not your problem.


I don't care what weird shit you do - just keep on doing it because you're doing the shit so many others WISH they had the guts to do!

Your job is to keep going. On the good days. On the bad days and on in the in-between days - knowing that nobody, but NOBODY has this entire confidence/bravery/fear thing licked.

Everyone's just doing the best they can. Slapping on that new lipstick and working it. Clutching their coffee with two hands not because they think it looks "cute" or "perfect for the 'gram" - but to stop anyone else noticing their hands are shaking or wondering wtf to do with that "spare hand" - pocket? "casually hanging by the hip"? πŸ˜‚

Gonna keep hiding? 

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