Selling is Part of the Job as an Online Entrepreneur

I was a good girl. I did well at school. Went to University and did HARD STUFF.

Took jobs in corporate where I KNEW I KNEW MY SHIT!

Did my job. Sat in that shiny office with the great view.

Never ONCE had to worry about winning a client. There were entire teams and departments dedicated to JUST THAT!

I never had to take a prospective client to dinner or for a round of golf. πŸ˜‚

But then the big shift comes and we find ourselves HERE in the online business world - and we don't HAVE a team to go out and win our clients for us.

It's ALL ON US. *gulp*

Every damned insecurity, every doubt, every worry that maybe we're "not good enough" - even though logic and experience tells us that just because we buy a Samsung fridge - doesn't mean we HATE Philips! But still we torture ourselves that it's personal.

Anyway, so back to it all being on us.

SELLING ourselves as a service provider is so very different from any previous experience in Corporate or Academia, that we can often feel rudderless.

It somehow doesn't seem natural to have to go out and do the "DIRTY SALES" thing. I mean after all? Aren't we just damned good our jobs and what we do?

Why do we have to get involved with the ICK too?

Well toots. It's like this. You CHOSE this life. You CHOSE to create products and services that you KNOW people want to buy - but it's not good enough simply to create the product and be good.

You need to SELL it. And you do that by BEING VISIBLE - which yeh, hands up - can feel pretty shit. I mean you're putting yourself out there and it's a vulnerable position especially if you're a naturally introverted person with a quiet disposition.

I'm NEVER going to be "rah rah rah" on a Facebook live - but I LOVE to write. So tap in to what works for YOU, not just what the latest online trend is.

But I need you to understand - you HAVE IT ALL INSIDE OF YOU. Because YOU are YOU - PLEASE believe your gut-instinct and TRUST that you will find the right way.

Because... chances are, the ones you're waiting to say "hell yes!" are the ones who are NEVER going to give that to you.

Not in this lifetime. Not in a million lifetimes.

CHOOSE to be an Online Entrepreneur? Then SELLING is just part of the job.

And you do NOT have to be a sleazy shit with it. Find your own way and a selling method which is comfortable and in alignment with you - but nonetheless...

NOT SELLING is NOT an option!

But for the Love of God - please don't DM "prospective clients" with your offer. If you're feeling thin-skinned and don't want to get rejected - then that's going to be the fast-track to getting told to "do one" 20 times a day.

Now, I try NOT to be a dick because I truly believe that everyone's just doing the best then can - but even MY patience is tested when someone lands in my DMs trying to sell me shit!

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