Program Creation Should Feel Light and Easy

I've long been an advocate of thinking the phrase "follow your passion and the money will follow" is absolute bullshit... but... I think there's a grain of truth in it.

And I don't mean passion - but if we swap out the sentiment so we talk about what feels LIGHT as opposed to what feels HEAVY when you're creating your programs and content - it makes a whole lot more sense!

Women entrepreneurs often get caught up in the idea phase and forget to create content and programs which they themselves want to create. They start to feel stuck and like they can't move forward. This sucks their energy and their creativity - and they never really get momentum with their business, launches and program-building because they're always second-guessing their intentions and questioning whether they "should".

Much of this comes down to the mistake of thinking everything needs to be for the ICA (Ideal Client Avatar). Entrepreneurs ask themselves "what does my ICA want?" - thing is, the ICA hasn't really got a clue what they want... and you for sure should not be creating stuff to appeal to this mythical group* when it's not something which is truly aligned to YOU, fills your soul AND that you find LIGHT to create.

What do I mean?

Well, the ICA is real for sure. It's not a mythical group. BUT... the trap is finding AN ICA - rather than creating the product or program which really works for you - and you find almost effortless to create - and then finding the ICA FOR THAT!

The difference is that when you create a PROGRAM coming directly from your heart and soul - and KNOW that you're really fucking brilliant at what you're doing - your energy will be transmitted in every single line you write - in every single video you shoot and everything you do. THAT will appeal to the ICA of THAT program. 

If you do it the other way, the "back to front" way - then you're finding your ICA - or more often than not, the ICA you think you should be working for - and then you're trying to create something they want.

They probably haven't got a fucking clue what they actually want - asking them won't get you anywhere because they don't really know, they sure as shit are going to suggest they'd like to pay approximately 34 cents for whatever it is they want... and... you're going to end up creating something you didn't want to!

If you come at it from the angle of creating what you REALLY want to - when it feels LIGHT - and when I say it feels LIGHT, what I mean is that it's a message you really want to SHARE. You know it holds value and it's what you WANT to do.

When you sit back and wait for your ICA to give you the answers - you're going to stop moving forward.

You just sit and wait.


Waiting for someone (the ICA???) to tell you what to do.

Your job is to CREATE a program using your knowledge, your brilliance, your energy and the fire within you.

Then - the ICA comes to that - and you won't ever doubt that what you're doing is right.

Understanding your own PERSONAL BRAND and what you STAND for is fundamental to your own success.

Personal branding is NOT about faffing around with colours & fonts,  logos and crap like that. It's about knowing WHO you are, WHAT you do and how you HELP people solve a problem.

Personal branding comes about when you are ready to step into who you TRULY are - and often comes about to women in their 40s who frankly - reach that stage of not giving a FUCK about pleasing "everyone" - and simply getting on with the job of making THEMSELVES happy.

And... ironically, when they make themselves happy - THAT'S when the magic comes and they are able to truly elevate others.

So... your job. 



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