Online Creators are a Different Breed

By Alex

December 3, 2021

Most people exist in a state of going to work for an employer, sitting in front of the TV watching shite, looking forward to their summer holidays and sitting in G-d's Waiting Room even though they're only 38! 

Don't upset the status-quo - no matter what. Don't be different. Just make sure you conform and fit in.

And they're happy. I think. I mean they must be right? Because if they weren't, they'd fight back - they'd rebel and so something unexpected.

But they don't - so we just have to let them do what they're going to do - you can't fix a damned onion of a person! 

The 1% within the 1%

Then we have the 5% who decide to make something different of their lives and they go out and create.

From a haulage business to space exploration - they're creating - a different life for themselves away from the Stepford - and always exploring new things.

Then... there are the 1% within the 1% - the Richard Bransons, the Elon Musks, the Mark Cubans. They're richer than they could ever have planned to be - and yet they still work as though they're down to their last $5.

Still driven, still wanting to explore, to create and scratch that never-ending itch of intellectual exploration.

And that's the mindset you need to have if you want to actually be successful in online business.

If you're a creator, a coach or a course provider then I want you to ask yourself - what would you do if you already had in the bank more money than you could ever spend? 

Of course it's easy to say "I'd like on a tropical beach and drink cocktails" - or "I'd do more work for charity" or "I'd spend more time with the grandkids".

But you wouldn't.

Well, you would - but you'd find yourself bored shitless in approximately 30 days and your brain would NEVER, EVER stop coming up with new ideas and solutions and exciting projects.

And THAT's the difference between those who are content with the 9-5 and G-d's waiting room - and those who are never, ever going to be done because their imagination just never stops firing.

It's not even about the money for those who keep going when they've already got more than they'll ever need - it's the NEED, the DESIRE to produce something exciting and new - the power of selling it - the satisfaction... until the NEXT thing which needs to be done.

Where's your GRIT? Where's the fire in you to keep on learning no matter what? To always be evolving intellectually, creatively and personally. 

You're in or you're out. 

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