Impact… without Impaction!

By Alex

October 13, 2021

Urgh! Some days almost everything just seems to rub you up the wrong way.

You immediately feel GRUMPY - or, as I've recently learned; SALTY (what a fantastic word that is - God bless America! πŸ˜‚).

Yesterday was one of those days. Tbh I think it was triggered by "Maid" (Netflix show) where our protagonist Alex (woooh! Great name!) views an apartment she really wants, but she's going to need a government scheme to help her with the rent... having had the door slammed in her face all the way up until now - she's met instead with a concerned face and an "oh honey, you poor thing!".

The prospective landlady knows about the scheme and knows Alex must be in dire straights to be asking.

She rejects it anyway claiming she's not "zoned" for residential purposes/doesn't want the authorities looking too closely at her books... and it just really pissed me off and made me cross - champagne socialist indeed!

So... where were we? 

Right - IMPACT without IMPACTION - aka, DOING SOMETHING rather than just TALKING SHIT (see above re: respective landlady 😁).


I am BORED of the BORING shit.

I am fed up with what feels like a tidal wave of mediocre shit, lack of critical thinking - lack of ANY KIND OF FUCKING THINKING and a DESPERATELY WOEFUL LACK OF LEADERSHIP.


I mean as far as creativity goes, my dog could probably do a better job with a paintbrush than me, sit me in front of a potting wheel and I'll make you 3 dozen ashtrays πŸ‘ and a flick through "Homes & Gardens" leaves me feeling inadequate and dull.

But my God - my BRAIN - it NEVER switches OFF.

I didn't know these things actually came with an off-switch!

Yet... take a cursory glance around you in any direction and you'll be dismayed/saddened/exasperated/furious at the "IMPACTION".

We cannot have POSITIVE IMPACT and influence those around us SEEKING LEADERSHIP until we are ready to STEP AWAY FROM THE HERD.

You are not going to make it until you DECIDE you want to be BETTER... and actually fucking follow through and DO BETTER!

Run with the herd... no skin off my nose - but if you want more? You gotta BE MORE!

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