How to Create 90 Days of Social Media Content in 1 Day

As middle-aged women navigating our way through life - it's realistic (and sensible) to accept that our responsibilities, energies and desires ebb and flow.

WANTING to run your own online business just so you can work 5+ days a week 8+ hours a day is both bonkers AND obscene... and fucking unrealistic.

You're not a bloody robot - and all sleep and no play right? πŸ₯ƒ

But there are sure as shit a lot of plates to be spinning when you're trying to do everything yourself and keep up with what needs to be done, versus what should be done versus what's a great idea for future momentum.

Multi-tasking is a Myth

One thing I know for sure (because I have 48+ years experience as a human being) is that multi-tasking is a big fat myth. It's not realistic to be juggling a shit load of things at the same time and truly devote your best energy and work in to each of those activities.

In its simplest form - you will burn the damned dinner if you're also hanging out the washing, helping kids with the homework AND working out your next content strategy. Everything ends up getting done half-arsed - and doing half-arsed jobs chips away at your self-esteem and brings on the rise of imposter syndrome - eek!

If you want to be able to produce your best work in the least amount of time... because the beach is calling and you want to feel the sand between your toes - then it's essential to BATCH YOUR TIME and get 100% into that zone rather than flipping from one task to the next and only just keeping up rather than stepping ahead and implementing a good strategy.

90 Days Social Media Content

Now I'm not a massive fan of SM as a marketing tool, but - it is largely a necessary evil in the online world as it stands right now. 

And... whilst we do need to be available to react or communicate with our clients, it should not be the case that we're dithering every day on various social media channels - and you certainly shouldn't be trying to plumb the depths of your creative brain on a daily basis to put stuff out there.

Set aside a day and crack on.

Yep, it really is as simple as that.

Every time you get even the merest sniff of inspiration you should be writing this down in a proper paper planner - for real! Digital planners and note-takers are great - but paper means it stays there and doesn't just disappear - and you can always refer back to it at a later date.

Anyway, grab those notebooks full of inspiration, a flask of coffee - or jug of margarita if that's your preference (!) and just DO THE THING.


The first 10 will probably be hard... and be teased out of you - but then you're going to get in to a state of flow and what you need to do is just going to come tumbling out of you and your fingers will be flying like little demons across your keyboard as you get all your ideas down.

If you're choosing pictures & memes then you're going to find a whole bunch of them once you go searching and be able to implement these right away rather than sitting down every day and doing one slow thing at a time, searching for the perfect image for the "thing" rather than on that day when you were batching everything together, seeing the perfect pic for THE THING and dealing with it then and there.

Getting into that zone also stops you second-guessing your every decision because it elevates your mood and confidence and by taking action you self-affirm and believe what you're doing is RIGHT!

I don't recommend working for 8 hours - but 6 hours will fly with the right tools by your side (coffee + snacks!). 

In 6 hours you will be able to:

  • Map out the content strategy
  • Locate pics/gifs/memes/quotes
  • Create content from your own knowledge
  • Load all the new content into your scheduling tool
  • Schedule out the next 90 days

And that's done. You can largely forget about it for the next 90 days until you're ready to schedule your next WORKATHON and get it done. 

To run your online business in the most effective manner, it pays to systemise as many processes as possible - especially the time-consuming ones which require lots of mental capacity because they require dedicated creativity. 

So - starting today, I'd like you to keep a notebook in your handbag so that any time you find yourself inspired, you scribble down a note - and as soon as it's on paper you no longer need to worry about it taking up brain-space - and you'll handle it and your next WORKATHON session. 

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