Get Over Your EGO – and Sell Like You MEAN it!

By Alex

April 23, 2021

By our very nature, women love helping other women - especially when they KNOW they've got the knowledge and experience to make a difference to someone else's life.

Modern life is hectic. Those who told us we could "have it all" - and by have it all - meant we could have a "super-career" at the office 10 hours a day, cook haute cuisine, raise a darling family, be a SUPER-WIFE and bring in the cash... perhaps didn't check the clock first.

Kudos to those few women I know who DO somehow manage to pull all of that off... without literally pulling their hair OUT!...

But for most of us - we reach our 30s and want to take a step back from the relentless grind.

By our 40s we've settled WELL into that frame of mind of thinking "fuck that!".

But having lived and experienced decades, constantly learning, travelling,  perfecting and laughing... we know there's a BETTER way. A way more ALIGNED with the way we WANT to live. Each and EVERY day.

But then... the BIG PROBLEM.

Selling what you have.

Because if you're not selling, you may as well be sat the back-room of your shop tinkering with your stapler and office pens whilst the lights are off.

It's NOT enough for people to simply know the shop exists - ESPECIALLY if it's down a back-street and it's just your name over the door. She sells WHAT exactly? 

You need to get over your EGO.

Your ego is telling you that you don't DESERVE to be paid for KNOWLEDGE. You don't DESERVE to be paid for BEING YOU - and you don't want to be "THAT WOMAN" pestering people.

But thing is... this ain't no damned hobby-therapy session. This is a BUSINESS - and the whole POINT of business is to SELL your shit!

You are NOT "pestering" people when you are SERVING with INTEGRITY and knowing that you can make their LIVES BETTER!

The most simple way of giving your ego a swift KICK UP THE ASS is by taking a deep breath and accepting that you DO have VALUABLE shit to share, HELP and GUIDE others.

But as women in the online space, we tend to hold back. We don't want to be seen as that grubby sales-person saying "buy me, buy me".

But you don't HAVE to operate like that.

When you market and sell ETHICALLY, then you know you're coming from a place of SERVICE. That what you're offering GENUINELY improves the lives of those around you.

But... You still GOTTA advertise. You STILL gotta ASK for that SALE

Imagine going in to your favourite department store and there being no cash-registers. No price-tags on the clothes. No staff to serve.


It's all well and good running your fingers over the finest Scottish cashmere and sniffing the silk (just me? 😁)... the doors need to be open. The lights on. The staff ready to help - and the damned CASH REGISTERS TURNED ON!

Bloomingdales are NOT ashamed they have rows and rows of cashmere that they're going to SELL. They know you LOVE it, you WANT it - and... we NEED cashmere in our lives right? 

Sometimes we just need a little NUDGE to take us from "yeh, that's nice, I must look in to that" - to "OMFG I wanna be DRAPED in CASHMERE!".

Leave your damned EGO at the door and get on with the business of RUNNING your damned business like the grown-assed BRAVE woman you ARE!

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