Design Your Day – aka Step into Your Best Life

By Alex

May 5, 2021

There's "Basic Bitch" life - and then there's living your life the way you NEED to.

Basic Bitch life is trundling along at the mercy of the demands of others. Reactionary. Always dealing with fall-out. Always being led by the nose...

Then there's stepping into the life you WANT to live - a ...


I used to snark when people said you needed to plan out your perfect day. Because it seemed academic - stupid, pointless, just another time-sucking exercise... because mostly they never followed through on the WHY you need to do that - or what's the point - maybe they just didn't KNOW themselves! (I often believe this to be true in the online space - people are dishing out SHOULDs - but never get around to explaining WHY - we need to do better - we DO do better!).

Why life a life by design - and what does it mean?

I'm a lark. I like the early mornings. My brain is fresh and I'm full of energy. At 6am I can conquer worlds.

Basic Bitch stays in bed until the kids are too noisy to ignore, stumbles downstairs, makes a shit coffee, tries to put her mascara on whilst shouting SHOES! SHOES! PUT YOUR BLOODY SHOES ON! ... and waiting until 9am when finally she has some peace... and then the washing machine STARES at her - DARING her to collect all the dirty clothes and feed it.

The empty fridge tells her she really ought to swing by the supermarket and plan out meals for the week.

The dust bunnies under the bed in the master-bedroom threaten to multiply and invade the entire upstairs.

The cat demands to be fed and the litter-tray invades her nostrils.

The dentist needs booking.

The kitchen counters need wiping.

And before she knows it, she's starving and it's time for lunch.

By the time she's caught her breath it's 1pm and she has 2 hours to work before mentally preparing for the kids to come flying in through the door with a list of dietary demands!






LIFE BY DESIGN means operating in a SELFISH way - oh yeh! Can we say it's selfish when you're just doing what works for you? Why is it selfish to be your BEST self? Why is it SELFISH NOT to just skivvy around everyone around you and put OTHERS first? 

You can be SELFISH (for your own NEEDS) and STILL be a wonderful person who is kind, gracious and giving. It's not either or.

Back to Life by Design. So I'm a lark and in my perfect life, I get up as the sun rises (yeh... not always in Scotland haha where we're talking 24 hours daylight in the summer!) - but I'm up by 5 or 6 to read. To write. To let ideas, creativity and my best dreams flow through me.

In the perfect life, my "heavy" content creation is done and dusted by 7am. 

At which point the madness of children descend...

My day centres around what I want. My exercise. Food delivered so I don't need to waste time with that. Not just time - but my precious ENERGY!

How much energy do we waste on stuff which isn't important when we look at life as a gift which needs to be grabbed by both hands and lived like you MEAN it?

If you wait until you've got a million in the bank - how many missed opportunities will there be? How many days, months, years spent as a Basic Bitch not honouring what you truly NEED from life to feel SATIATED?

There's no thanks in being a doormat. There's no thanks in opting in to being a SELFISH BITCH either truth be told.

The thanks will come from YOU - and likely you alone - as you become this better version of yourself. The one living the life you choose. The life you love. THE LIFE YOU DESIGN.

Basic Bitch waits. Waits for her million. Waits for all the pieces to fall into place. Which they never do... because she never CHOSE to live the LIFE BY DESIGN!

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