Creating Content is FLOW From Your Fingertips

I used to find content creation hard. I mean yeh, I love writing - can't argue with that. But I found it hard to create.

Be it a blog. A Social Media post or a YouTube video. 

I'd go back and forward questioning whether what I was saying was right and whether I should. Shoulda. Coulda.

Not because I couldn't find the words... but simply that I felt STILTED and STUMPED - I was blocking myself from letting my OWN creativity shine through.

Then I had a HUGE transformation which I totally believe is possible for you too.

And it's really quite simple.

You step ON to your PATH. 

No matter WHAT that path is.

Once you're on it - you'll know.

You'll have FIRE inside of you and the message will POUR out.

You could write TWENTY blogs a day (and more!) - and still never run out of things to say.

The shift in energy once you know you're on the CORRECT path FOR YOU is unreadl.

It's like the words flow from your fingertips like water flows over Niagara.



Everything comes with ease once you choose to position yourself in the place your HEART - AND HEAD are crying out to be.

Forcing yourself into a place of content creation before you're really ready to embrace that message is going to make it really fucking hard.

I would read other blogs and question myself. "Can I write about this topic? Surely it's already been done. 1000 times. 10,000 times."

Thing is, it really doesn't matter - because everything I write NOW from this zone of ENERGY, TRUST, BELIEF and INTUITION flows directly from me and it's ZERO EFFORT.

It can seem like a BRAVE step to actually accept that the path you are MEANT to be on is not necessarily what you thought you OUGHT to be doing... maybe some shit-bag told you that you were "too big for your britches".

And again... FUCK THAT SHIT

Your message is YOUR MESSAGE and the whole damned world needs to hear it - and if their ears aren't yet ready for it - doesn't matter - your message NEEDS to be shouted from the rooftops.

And... until that day your critics are putting food on your table and paying your bills, they get to fuck off too!

I hear people say they plan their Social Media posts months in advance. 

Seasons in advance.

Jeez that sounds like HARD (and UNREWARDING work!) - and it's not for me.

Not that I'm 100% a "fly by the seat of your pants" kinda gal - but more because I simply KNOW what I NEED to say and I'm not waiting for the GO. I write my Social Media posts on the DAY I'm going to post them. 

No great "oh fuck what can I say?". No using shitty boring templates and my G-d if I see ONE MORE "Monday Motivation" I'm gonna shoot myself right now! πŸ˜‚

I also don't like to plan more than a quarter in advance because otherwise you get caught up in a path which FELT right 6 months ago - but now is no longer in ALIGNMENT with what you truly DESIRE.

You must never forget that you're in this game to SATISFY YOURSELF.

Your needs must ALWAYS come first.

If something feels crook, wonky, out-of-alignment and is costing you mental energy and draining your resources then you need to pivot away from that...

Or maybe even bin it entirely if it's not in SYNC with where you need to be right now.


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