Your $10k VIP Offer Isn’t Worth the Paper Its Written On!

By Alex

January 29, 2022

Why did you create your "$10k VIP Day"? 

Was it because you were told the model you were taught goes something like this?

  • Launch 1:1 sessions for 12 weeks
  • Launch a group coaching program
  • Offer $10k VIP day

If that sounds familiar, but somehow you always "choked" and struggled to get the details down on paper when it came to creating YOUR $10k VIP day - because you knew deep-down it was BS... then this one's for you.

The idea is popular to beginners in the online space because they think "woohoo $10k days"!  Imma buy me a new bag. Imma buy me a necklace. Imma get a table at the best restaurant in town. Imma get my hair & nails done.

I mean who the heck wouldn't fancy $10k/day hitting their bank for ONE DAY's work?


And heck - there is NOTHING wrong with wanting a shit load of money to your name.

But... when you're new, you don't even know what the fuck it is you could possibly be offering within that $10k container.

I mean sure it's "fun" thinking about it, maybe you even created an item in your payment processor, sent a few sales emails (and heard crickets!), perhaps created a sales page... but - did you ever REALLY believe this program was gonna sell? 

Or did you just do it because that's what you were "told" to do, it was the "accepted model"... and, it kinda kept you busy and not worrying about more pressing problems - i.e., where the fuck are the clients you need RIGHT NOW?

It's an insidious demand of a newbie. It gives the impression that you just need to set up these 3 core offers and then the money is gonna come rolling in.

But... when you're fresh into entrepreneurial land, you haven't actually honed in on your zone of genius - because anyone who says they're still doing at year 2 what they were doing on day 1 is either a fucking liar... or a boring stepford wife! πŸ˜‚

You simply don't have the skills right off the bat to be able to deliver a $10k program in 1 day. And it's not just about your skills within your particular niche, but the skills required to serve your client and make them actually FEEL like a VIP - and deliver your damned transformation - rather than taking their cash then fucking winging it because you're not really sure how it goes.

The person who drops $10k on the "unknown entity" - i.e., you at that stage - is NOT a good client to be working with. If they don't really know what they want - and they sure as shit don't - because even YOU don't know what you're delivering - then you're both flying blind and it's going to end up being a horrible disaster.

The current online business model is broken. (That's those boring formulaic offers which fail to differentiate from each other and don't offer up anything fresh for either YOUR creativity - or for your clients. I mean FFS, if WE'RE bored with the model - doncha think potential clients are rolling their eyes too?). 

Having Agency/D-F-Y/VIP offers are great - your clients pay to get direct access to you and your expertise - but to be offering this, you need to be extremely sure of WHAT you're able to deliver... and - and this is the tricky one - you have to have the confidence you can do it - and be able to EXHIBIT that confidence... because nobody's dropping cash at the mouse's door!

There are exactly ZERO rules about what you CAN offer - but what I can tell you without a doubt - is that those boring formula offers are "over". The world is crying out for creatives who are able to imagine, create and position new solutions & ways of working.

Grab your phone - open the voice note app and talk for 2 minutes without editing yourself. What could you sell which does NOT fit into this "blueprint" box? 3 sessions? 4 hours? A workbook for $7? A masterclass for $1? DFY for $5k? Seriously, absolutely anything you want.

Don't censor yourself, don't over-think it - just talk. As soon as you're done, don't listen to what you said - just email it straight to your business email. 

Then the next time you sit down at your desk and open up your email - listen to it - and give yourself a good pat on the back as you lament what a fucking genius "this woman on the voice note is"! πŸ₯ƒ

You'll break away from the herd super-fast if you're heading in a different direction and increase your confidence daily. If you're worried that maybe you're doing it "wrong" - then all I can say is that you're doing it RIGHT. Being right is rarely easy - so just stop watching them. Your old competitors are irrelevant to your new trajectory and strategy.

They're like fucking Wildebeest crossing the Serengeti! πŸ˜‚πŸŠ

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