To all the Female Entrepreneurs NOT Having $20k months!

By Alex

October 3, 2021

Everyone online is supposed to be doing this right? $20k months just dropping into your lap and bank account like all you ever had to do was follow the BORING STEPFORD BITCHES OF ONLINE BUSINESS rule-book - and you'd be right there too.

Trouble is... I'm guessing you did all this. You tried it all. You played by the rules and it didn't fucking work. Really did. not. fucking. work. (Because it's BS and anyone with half a brain can see through it.)

And you're looking around thinking "WTF"? You maybe even doubted yourself - wondered what was wrong with YOU because all the STEPFORD business owners were doing it (clue: they're not! there's an affy lot of of fibbing going on!) - so there must be something intrinsically wrong with you. So you tried a different tactic. Signed up to a different mailing list, started following a new, shinier influencer who promised you'd grow your group to 100k in 90 days. Yeh yeh... I've seen those groups - they're full of low-value shit with everyone and their dog shouting about what they're selling... nobody actually engaging, listening, learning...


So here you are - and you KNOW you are fucking fabulous - I mean you got this far in life, you can read, write - perhaps even do basic arithmetic 😁 - and yet when you look at your business bank account, you can see right there is black and white - that you're NOT making the $20k/month.

Critical thinkers will be looking at this entire industry and all those floaty-dressed, kombucha-sipping, yoga-lites and KNOW they're full of fake and fluff... and that the cookie-cutter tactics just don't work for the THINKERS.

That's when you need to up YOUR game. Nobody else's game - YOUR GAME.

That's when you step in to YOU, fully embrace your INNER SELFISH BITCH - the one who runs towards the fire - the one with all those hairy adventures in her past - the one who sees the humour where others simply look on bemused - not understanding.

You choose to live your life and RUN YOUR BUSINESS in the only way you CAN - for YOU... and that's when it all changes.

That's when you let go of worrying about the latest methods, the latest strategies, the "you gotta do this if you wanna fmake it"... and it all comes together.

Because you drop the saccharine. Drop the eager-to-please. Drop the dull, dull, dull Stepford shit and just be you. Doing what you NEED to do to fulfil YOUR-SELFISH-SELF and that's when the magic happens... because there is no other way.

The newbies will learn. SOME of them will learn anyway. SOME of them will figure it out - that it's an industry littered with followers and LEADERS - and those SOME will step into the LEADERSHIP role... 98% will remain followers

LEADERS DGAF what the masses are doing.

LEADERS walk their own path - they trust their own judgement.

Being able to trust your own judgement is what's going to set you aside from all the fucking lemmings, the BORING STEPFORD BITCHES OF ONLINE BUSINESS and all the other sappy, insipid hangers on with their fluffy, pink, saccharine cupcake'd lives.


You were BORN to do MORE!

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She believes in the power of harnessing the written word and using it to demonstrate expertise, confidence and clarity when marketing online businesses.

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