The Hidden Demographic of Female Entrepreneurs

By Alex

January 12, 2022

If you're "just starting out" or are already getting huge success - then this post isn't for you - scroll on my friend. 😁

Mid-Experienced Female Entrepreneurs

But... if you've been in the online space 1-2 years (or maybe much, much more) and shit ain't happening for you - then stick around - because we need to talk about this.

Generally when women decide to launch their own online business, be it a form of coaching or consulting by offering DFY (done-for-you) services or programs then she starts of full of enthusiasm.

She knows what she's going to do - she's got a pretty good idea of how it's all going to work and all she needs to do is sort out a few software niggles and fix her calendar so she can welcome her new clients.

Turns out - getting clients isn't perhaps as straightforward as it initially seems.

Then there's the barrage of conflicting information & strategies - enough to scramble anyone's mind - and so she ends up signing for a "business coaching" program to show her the ropes.

And she takes 6 steps back, designs her "ideal client" (I think is BS) and is told she needs to be back to basics - and IME this confuses her even further because she ends up questioning the steps and decisions she's already taken.

... and then 6 months or 12 months down the line as the program draws to a close - she's still no closer to her version of success than she was on Day 1.

But is now poorer financially and also feeling pretty shitty about herself. E.g., is it "her"? Is she so unlikeable nobody wants to work with her? What's she doing "wrong"? 

And of course - she herself is not wrong. How can YOU be wrong? You are wonderfully you.

But somewhere along the path, you got turned around, got your self-confidence shot and now you don't know up from down.

It's a common problem and you are not the first - nor will you be the last woman to be feeling like this.

Micromind vs. Mastermind

At this point - the next step in the process is often to sign up to a "mastermind" program. These are invariably a step up in terms of financial outlay - but also in terms of expectations of achievements already accomplished - and of those to come.

And she ends up feeling a "failure" yet again. Because she didn't enter the program with an "acceptable" level of success under her belt, she feels fraudulent being there - doesn't feel she deserves a seat at the table - and because she's feeling all this "lack" then she doesn't ask for the support or offer opinions when she knows she should. 

She doesn't want to back and do another common-or-garden "business coaching" program because she already knows the basics. She's got a website and doesn't need masterclasses on how to rig up her email autoresponder and deliver that freebie. 

What she DOES need is to get her fucking head on straight, get some accountability, get her head down and to do what she feels comfortable with.

Because the strategies handed out to "newbies" are generic and generally what worked for "X coach" - even though this may be a total 180 to the way you actually prefer to operate.

A micromind is this middle path for women who need a "turnaround strategy" because they need more than basics - need the input & accountability from other women at a similar level... just the word "micromind" makes it sound "small and ineffective". πŸ˜‚

But truly - you are not alone. Very few women in the solely online space "make it big" in a short space of time. All that crock you're reading about how someone had a "5-figure launch in 3 weeks" as a newbie - is exactly that - a crock - and the easiest and quickest way to stop that sort of shit destroying your confidence is to delete Social Media off your phone and check in once or twice a week to bookmarked sites/groups.

There, that's saved you 60 minutes a day right off the bat - what could you CREATE in 60 minutes?

The overnight success story is very, very rarely true - in fact I'd be happy to wager $1000 that it happens to just 1%... probably fewer!

People telling porky-pies in the online space? Very, very common - in fact I'd be happy to wager $1000 that it's more than 50%... probably more! 😁

The gap in the middle contains the thinkers... those who consider their options - but perhaps maybe just need a wee nudge to take the next step and trust their instincts. 

That's a pretty big group right? You are NOT alone.

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    • Those figures are largely full of shit anyway so I waste zero time worrying about them. The ones that REALLY grind my gears are the “I made $34k last month from my FB group, DM me for my free strategy”. Er, nope! πŸ˜‚

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