When a “Buy Now” Button Doesn’t Say “Buy Now”!

By Alex

April 1, 2022

Whilst the ultimate goal of launching online courses or programs is to y'know... sell - shouldn't we also be able to inject a little fun in to the process?

And... what if it turns out that the "fun stuff" actually turns out to be a powerful psychological sales tool that makes your browsers MORE likely to buy?...

OK, unless your potential buyers are living their first day on the internet, they know what a sales page is. 

They know when they're on it as they're reading that the goal is for you to persuade them to buy whatever it is you're selling.

So they're expecting a button which says "BUY" - no great surprise there right? I mean we don't go into a shop that's got no cash-register and lets us just walk out with the stuff we fancy!

But here's where it gets interesting - and fun

Your CTA (Call To Action aka What You Want Them to Do Next) doesn't have to be a boring or dull "BUY" - although I would suggest laving at least one in to ram home the point of the Sales Page because sub-consciously, the reader will see the word "BUY" and so mentally they shift into that place where they understand there's going to be a monetary transaction.

No shame in selling ladies!

Alternative CTAs to Having a "Buy Now" Button

(I nearly wrote "CTAs with fun"... then I realised I was starting to sound like Sheldon Cooper, so had to rein that back in! πŸ˜‚)

Instead of saying "Buy Now" - we can use phrases which draw the reader further in and use psychological suggestion.

Because your Sales Page is already fucking amazing ammirite? - and by its very nature you want your browsers to be nodding along in anticipation and EAGERLY WAITING for you to present them the opportunity to buy.

And here's where you throw in that extra nudge with:

  • YES! I Want My [X]!
  • OMG I'm so in!
  • Count me in!
  • Oh hell yeh!
  • Shaddup and take my money!
  • Grab it now!
  • Get Started Today
  • Create my account NOW
  • Join the [X]
  • Enroll Now!
  • Make me a [X]

These need to be tested of course - as with 99% of what you write - but it's good to have a play around and figure out what works for you and your brand - and also what triggers your customers to actually go ahead with the purchase and work with you. 

Give it a try and use contrasting CTA buttons so they really "pop" out of your page - there's a time and a place for style and subtlety - and let's face it - if you want to actually sell your shit, then you're going to have to ask... not create a blended-in-apology-of-a-sales-button! πŸ₯ƒ

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