What’s Your Sales Superpower?

By Alex

October 15, 2021

Although I'm calling it your SALES SUPERPOWER - in the sense of online business, it's actually your MARKETING & sales superpower.

Everyone has one - even those who don't think they do because they're TRYING SO DAMNED HARD... but not getting anywhere (right now!).

... and that's not because they're doing anything "wrong" per se, it's that problems ONLY arise however when you turn your back on what's the RIGHT FIT for you personally... and start doing what "everyone else is doing" simply because it looks like it's working for them.

But believe me, you're never going to produce and put out your best work if what you're doing doesn't feel aligned with you - and it makes you dry-heave every time you think about it!

Procrastinating your way all until Friday afternoon until you churn out something half-arsed and shit is no way to raise your profile and make the sales - and it's not exactly going to make you feel like you had a "super-productive, super-nice" week at work either!

So we need to wind it back a step and work to YOUR TOP TALENTS and that way, you're going to find marketing & selling SO EASY because there's not going to be any more trying to whack a round peg into a square hole!

If you hate video - especially live (!) - you are NOT alone!

Point a camera at me and I'm 100% carrying that fucking watermelon! πŸ˜‚


Actual footage of me "being cool" on live camera! 

Smooth it ain't!

On the other hand - you might come ALIVE when the lens is pointed at you, YOU, GLORIOUS you 😁- and you're alive with shining and twirling... but ask you to write? Ack, fuck no - that's for the introverts amongst us.

Now... writing. Yeh, I love writing - whether it's blogs, newsletters, sales pages, whatever - I'm all over that.

That's playing up to MY natural talent and also what I enjoy doing and it doesn't feel like hard, hard work that I try and ignore or put off because I really don't want to face it.

Ask me to go live on Social Media and I'll put that shit off... for days/weeks/months... and tbf, you'd not be missing much unless you ENJOY watching a gibbering wreck stumbling over her words! 😁

Some women come in to their zone of genius when they're networking IN PERSON schmoozing and working the room - if that's you? Get fucking ON IT and forget about doing the "other stuff" that "other people" are doing.

You're the Queen of Social Media and you LOVE IT? Keep on fucking doing it if that's what's working for you - but do NOT let your business -or life (!) - be controlled by that Endless Scroll of Doom [tm]. 

If you're still trying to figure out exactly what your SALES & MARKETING SUPERPOWER is... because you know damned well it's going to be a game-changer in terms of how you market your services and how smooth it's going to make selling - then let me help you.

I know what it's like to be flinging that spaghetti at the wall, trying every new marketing strategy thinking "oooh this is the one" - but... you can't hide from yourself and your natural talents.

This FREE "Discover your SALES SUPERPOWER quiz" takes less than 2 minutes and here's what Ann Druce over at Strategically Digital had to say about it:

I’m always dubious about quizzes like this, but I have to admit you nailed it!  I feel appropriately chastised – and will damn well take action!

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