What Does AI Mean for Female Entrepreneurs?

By Alex

January 27, 2022

The machines are coming, the big tech companies have not hidden that they're dropping HUGE AI explosions all over us any time now - and many, many jobs are going to become obsolete as AI takes over.

For my sins, I'm a "reformed" Software Engineer πŸ˜‰. I was studying AI back in the mid-90s when it was mostly theoretical and Terminator 2 was very much in our minds - but I'm not quite sure we ever saw things getting this far so fast. Back then even as an engineer, my University gave us just 2MB each file-space (!) to store all our coursework and programs - and I'll wager now your kids' activity-watches hold more data

Within the last month or so, I've been diving back in to AI + machine-learning on a personal quest. Hey! You can take the girl outta the Software Engineering world, but you cannae take the geek outta the girl! 😁

The advances have been INCREDIBLE. 

There are different levels of machine-learning. From the very basic of letting the computer observe the data and draw its own observations - through "human-aided" where we give the computer "hints" and allow it to make "guesses" which we may correct - and every gap in between.

And herein lies the rub.

No computer is EVER going to replace the CREATIVITY that a human can bring to mind - all these machine-learning algorithms can do is PROCESS and BUILD at a waaaaaaay faster rate than we'll ever be able to.

Once the algorithm has honed in on the result then it's able to process all the data REALLY fast and spew out results.

I've dabbled with AI from an entrepreneurial POV and right now it requires a lot of "course correction".

I've been playing around with AI which writes - and I know this is proving really popular with a lot of bloggers and female entrepreneurs writing sales pages or product descriptions when they don't quite trust their own words.

But! It has MASSIVE limitations (right now) - despite me trying to "train it", it's not really picking up on MY voice - and is churning out quite basic, repetitive stuff - which might work for a blogger who just wants to hit SEO-targets and rank highly.

I spend more time editing, re-writing, deleting and trying to make it sound like ME - than it would take me simply to write the entire blog in the first place!

However, as we've discussed before - your readers aren't going to stick around if your information is shit. You may well rank No 1 on Google for approximately 10 minutes - but the second the USER FEEDBACK (that's people hitting the back button!) filters back to the algorithm at Google, you'll get dropped.

Humans are CREATIVE. Machines can learn - but they can never truly become creative.

And that's where YOU - as an online business owner who EMBRACES their creativity will ALWAYS win out.

Because some of your competitors are going to jump on this AI and think it's going to do the writing for them - and because they sadly lack trust in their own judgement - they'll trust it because "a machine can't be wrong".

But, but, but, BUT! The thinkers amongst you will know that the way your brain works - the way the neurons fire off each other and the crazy, random thoughts you have in your head - can never be filtered or reduced to a simple (!) algorithm. 

And that's what makes you valuable. That creativity. The way there are no limitations upon how you think - that you don't need to be TOLD or GUIDED - you just ARE.

There's going to be a MASSIVE culture-shift within the next few years - and you'll need to pick a team.

With the rise of AI, you'll either be a CREATOR harnessing & unleashing your OWN ideas - or you'll be a CONSUMER waiting to be told what to do. By a machine. #femaleentrepreneur #womeninbusiness

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