The SEO win for Female Entrepreneurs Most People Overlook… 5 Minute Marketing Win!

By Alex

June 24, 2021

For today's 5 Minute Marketing Win, I'm going to share with you an SEO win perfect for Female Entrepreneurs and Online Business Owners which most people overlook!

It takes just a few minutes to implement and when I tell you what it is - I'll totally excuse you as you slap yourself in the forehead and mutter expletives to (and about πŸ˜‚) yourself! 

It's all about the "Home Page" - or rather the page which your WordPress website designates as the "front page".

When people create this, they tend to call it Home Page because that's how it's usually described in tutorials and it's widely understood... but stop for a minute to consider that the page title "Home Page" is being fed to Google - and what do you think their algorithm makes of that? 

Yep, approximately 10,000,000 pages called "Home Page" and for all the will in the world and it doesn't matter how fucking good you are at doing what you do - you're not going to rank shit by calling your MOST IMPORTANT WEBSITE page: Home Page.

I mean Christ on a bike - if you're googling something, do you, have you EVER typed in "Home Page" - of course you haven't!

When you visit a website if you look in the browser window you will see the page name - let me show you:

At the top of the tab, you can see it's named "Bulletproof Sales & Marketing Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs" - and that's the message I'm sending to Google to help me rank in their algorithm.

If you want to quickly update this, go to your pages tab in WordPress and hit the "Quick Edit" button for your Home Page:

You can then edit the Title so that it represents WHAT YOU DO and send that straight to the Google algorithm.

This is a MASSIVE SEO win and most people overlook it - but I promise you, it's well worth 5 minutes of your time to leapfrog over your competitors and win at the SEO game! 

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