Success In Your Online Business Mostly Comes Down to This!

By Alex

March 9, 2022

The truth is - 99% of people who launch a course before building their audience will lose out.

They'll spend a fortune on software, licenses, time & energy building something wonderful and they just don't have the bums on seats to make it all worth while.

Most of the "gurus" will tell you that if you build it - they will come - but the truth is, the hard work of online business building comes long before you actually launch your first (or 10th!) course.

It comes with the boring non-as-exciting stuff like list-building. 

Ugh, I know right?

You put your heart and soul into an opt-in, market it and you have to wait. 

The first week only you and your cat are subscribers.

The next week your mum joins in.

But, over time - that trickle increases until you have a "respectable" sized list. Given only around 2-3% of people on your list will buy any one offer - it's no great surprise to discover that if you've only got 15 people on your list - you're NOT going to sell out.

Building your list is hard work. It takes time and effort and so I'd suggest NOT flinging in the day job (at least not yet!) - and building that up to over 1000 (at the minimum) before you start launching courses.

It takes trial and error to get your launches right - from actually selling a course or product that people want to buy, refining it, improving it and with every iteration it gets better.

But if today is the start of something wonderful - then start today.

Create your freebie opt-in. It should save either TIME, MONEY or EFFORT

I know you've got sooooo much to share that you're tempted to write a 72-page PDF imparting all of your best stuff - but most people aren't going to actually delve in to that - ironically enough, those who WILL read and implement every single step of your 72-page ebook are NOT the ones who'll actually buy.

But everyone but everyone wants to save time + $$$ - and that's where your freebie comes in.

Keep it simple, but keep it valuable - and for the love of G-d, please don't dish out EMPTY WORKBOOKS πŸ₯±. People aren't opting in to your freebie because they want to fill in the blanks - if they knew the answers, they'd not come a'lookin'! 

Growing your audience BEFORE you go for big launches is a great way to actually discover whether you actually genuinely like running an online business.

Because it's "easy" to be selling out courses you've put your heart & soul in to and love every aspect of - but the day-to-day grind of audience building, list-building and all the non-sexy stuff is what it all comes down to - and if you haven't got the patience to actually build up your list - are you really in the right game?

What to Sell Before You Have a BIG List

But just because you haven't got a massive list - does not mean you can't be selling already.

You can sell 1:1 services straight off the bat from your opt-in sequence.

This doesn't need to be particularly fancy - and it certainly doesn't need to come with any particular launch strategy.

Even just a simple "Thanks for opting in, now that we're buddies - I'd love to help you with your [insert your clever thing here]" - and I'd recommend NOT a "power hour" but instead the solution to a tangible problem that you know you can deliver.

This doesn't need to cost $$$ to set up - as long as you can take bookings + payments, you're good to go!

I use Book Like a Boss because it's simple to use and integrates with everything - can't argue with that! I prefer not to use Paypal because it can be a real PITA to get your money out, so if you have a choice - stick with Stripe because it's simply flawless dealing with them. 

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