Social Media Hustling is Killing Your (Business) Soul

By Alex

January 3, 2022

You're a grown-assed woman with decades of experience under your belt and not just some fresh-faced grad who hasn't been hit by the "every day sexism in corporate" or the glass-ceiling yet.

You're certainly old enough to have the confidence to start your own online business so that you can better manage your work-life balance AND put your message out to the world because let's face it, life's too short to push paper in an office for the rest of your days.

But here you are. Hustling daily on Social Media because you THINK you have to do it. Because everyone else is doing it.

But setting aside the fact everyone else is doing it - what's the "science" behind the hustle?

The Social Media Hustle Failure

When you're marketing your online business as a female creator or online coach, then you need to be visible. You know that. That means creating regular content (if not daily!) to remind your audience exactly who you are.

But it's a bind. It's high-effort and due to the very nature of SM, it can sap away at your soul simply by being there.

But the long-term effects are even worse than just the slow but inevitable destruction of your mental health! πŸ˜‰


When you create and publish a SM post then you may (if you've got an audience which is very chicken-egg!) get a little buzz.

But it's gone in a few seconds, a scroll of the finger and the attention spans of those actually using SM (who are not your best clients anyway - buyers use Google, gatherers use SM!).

When you write a blog - it takes effort - nobody's denying that. There's the initial energy input but that piece of content belongs to you and stays with you - AND... pays off in the long run in terms of Search Engine Love because you continue to get passive traffic long after the initial create-and-post effort & hustle.

... and you're fucking CRAZY if you're putting your "best work" out on to Social Media where it's gone in seconds... and if you're NOT putting your best work out there - then why on G-d's green earth would anyone choose to work with YOU? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Put simply. By continuing a generally fruitless Social Media marketing strategy you're just going to drive yourself crazy with the lack of traction and the constant hustle - only ever being able to take a day off if you've scheduled everything in advance... and even then, should a bit media story break then you can very easily end up looking insensitive or crass. 

It means you're constantly living on edge wondering whether you've got it "right" whereas when you create and inbound marketing strategy and use blogging as your main method of digital marketing - you remove those stressors. Because you write in your own time and there IS NO WRONG when it's you writing about your topic which you fully understand.

When you control your content and your data it continues to serve you months - or even years - after you've initially posted it. You're not at risk of your channel or account being shut down... because you OWN it and nobody can take that away from you.

You don't need to hustle your way to a successful online business - smart strategy is better for your mental health AND your business longevity!

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