“Power Hours” Are a Total Waste of Time

By Alex

March 8, 2022

Amongst all the other boring AF business advice out there for service-based entrepreneurs and coaches - is the assertion you must offer a "Power Hour".

Now, for the uninitiated - a "Power Hour" is this mythical hour of your time you offer to a client on a 1:1 basis so they can "pick your brain" or help them move forward with a problem.

Problem (badoom tish!) is... it's fuckin' BASIC!


Power Hours aren't worth the paper webpage they're written on... and here's why:

The success of your online business largely comes down to marketing.

The marketing of your services/you.

And... in Marketing 101 - we learn that for an offer to be successful, it must be easily-understood, have "kerb appeal" - and be something your clients WANT!

If you're not actually marketing a SOLUTION then you're just wasting your time creating a fancy webpage and sales sequence - but then, there seems to be an entire industry revolving around "busy work" rather than "I'm fucking awesome at doing THIS" work! πŸ™„

Nobody on God's green earth wants a "power hour".

They want a solution to a problem.

Your vague "power hour" says nothing. An hour of your time? Cool... but I could also watch an episode of Ozark, go for a walk on the beach, make some Korean food or a gazillion other things than spend a few hundred dollars with you when YOU don't know what you're selling me... and I don't know what I want!

And therein lies the rub.

If you're going to sell a solution - then you sure as shit need to know what that solution is - AND tell your customers what it is you're going to be selling.

Your clients want you to fix their problems - and sometimes it's not going to be a 6-week course or another form of medium-term working together - sometimes they just want the fix and some help bouncing ideas around - BUT, unless you've actually expressed what your expertise is and how you're going to help - i.e., what's going to happen at the end of the session - then how on earth - why on earth - would they come to you?

You need to show EXACTLY what's going to happen in an hour.

Rather than a vague offer of "work with me for 1 hour" you could sell:

  • 60 Days Social Media Content in 1 Hour and work through a strategy and ideas for this
  • How to set up your Blog for Google love - work through the most appropriate categories and how to index the blog
  • Sales Pages That Sell - Essential elements your client needs on their sales page to rock their next course

Anything like this that you know like the back of your hand - but other people don't - i.e., your ideal client needs a little help with - will work.

Because those examples offer an EXACT overview of what your client can expect in that hour with you and what the outcome is going to be. Because the last thing you want is to get on a call and 1) have NO idea what the client is going to ask - because you should be prepared! and 2) worse still, your client doesn't really know why they're there and so they're grabbing at ideas which might not actually be what they need to move them forward and solve a problem TODAY. 

To charge a premium, you need to sell a solution and it's also best if you can follow-up to this session in a few weeks or so to ensure you're 1) providing the best possible customer service and 2) you could also use this as a selling opportunity for something else you can help your client with.

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  • This article makes a great point- selling a solution and clearly letting the client know what you can do for them. Thank you for sharing this!

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