Online Industry Models are Broken

By Alex

January 28, 2022

The Online industry for female entrepreneurs has been spewing out the same ol' shit for years now. Knocking on a decade or more.

It's pretty natural when you first take those tentative steps into self-employment, to take a good look around at what "everyone else" is doing so you get a feeling for the market, what's expected and the best approach towards the entire show.

BUT... what we're seeing now is stale, over-done, overrated, dull as fuck - and enough to bore yourself to tears. The strategies are tired and filled with ICK (yes, that's a technical term!) - and the thinking woman has had E.N.O.U.G.H!

Recently I spoke to a variety of women in the online world who'd been in business more than 2 years and weren't seeing great success following the current "accepted" model.

With the current "accepted" model being:

  1. Bore the tits off your audience with a blank freebie optin workbook which brings them exactly ZERO steps closer to the solution they're looking for.
  2. Offer 1:1 coaching over 12 weeks.
  3. Offer group coaching for 3/6/12 months.
  4. Create a "signature program" which is self-study.
  5. Do not deviate from the rules.
  6. Do not pass GO.
  7. Do not collect $200.

In addition to this somewhat formulaic and lack-lustre "model" are the blueprints/formulas saying you must, must, MUST build your FB group/IG audience/make a twat of yourself on TikTok.

Well... most of my clients are aged 40+ and have absolutely ZERO interest in making a fool of themselves on TikTok "just for the laughs" - neither are they interested in INFLUENCERS.

Yep, you heard that right.

I remember being asked "as a woman nearly 50, which influencers do you follow to learn about home decor trends?".

I was more than a little flummoxed.

At nearly 50, I'm happy with my own style. There are many who might suggest that my home decor is "shite and disjointed"! ๐Ÿ˜‚ - nonetheless, I'm at an age where I really don't give a flying fuck and my style is my style. It seems an absolute anathema to me to look for advice from someone - particularly an "influencer".

The asker of this question was a much younger woman who was asking as part of market-research. She found it really hard to understand that us older women (yep, the homogenous blob!) just weren't interested in being TOLD WHAT TO DO, being TOLD WHAT TO WEAR, being TOLD WHAT COLOUR OUR WALLS SHOULD BE.

And so here we are.

The online industry model is broken

ESPECIALLY for those who:


But... are unsure how to blow up this model

It's Time to Change Your Trajectory

The only way to step away from the broken model is to be creative yourself.

Creativity does not necessarily mean anything to do with The Arts (!) - but instead the ability to always find another solution.

Or - to use one of my favoured proverbs: "there's more than one way to skin a cat!". (Sorry Amber ๐Ÿˆ , don't read this!)

For those determined NOT to think, NOT to be creative and NOT to move away from the "old model" - there is only a future of being a CONSUMER.

Just fodder - for either those A-OK with the "old methods", old sleaze + unimaginative drivel... 

Or - you get to be a CREATOR.

Shake this shit up.

The old model relies on NORMAL.

Normal expectations for you.

Normal expectations for your business.

Normal expectations for your creativity, your programs, your message.

Normal expectations of your clients.

Normal expectations FROM your clients' results.

Ugh. Being normal is boring!

When you were 13, being normal was aspirational. We all want to fit in to a degree.

I mean seriously, it wasn't that long ago in history that when a women stepped out of line - got BOLD, got BRAVE or was UNTAMED and a RULE-BREAKER - she was burned at the bloody stake!

Thankfully, times have moved on and those who are CHANGE-MAKERS get to embrace a NEW PARADIGM

One where they are rewarded for their creativity, bravery & exploration of thought.

Not just in terms of financial measure - but also growth & reward from a personal perspective - harder to quantify - but not to be taken over by AI

To change your trajectory AWAY from "normal" being a destination you're travelling TO - and instead something you're RUNNING THE FUCK AWAY FROM AS FAST AS YOU CAN! ๐Ÿ˜ - you need to BURN DOWN the old model. 

Set fire to the damned thing.

You ever sat there and thought "huh? What I know/WANT to teach doesn't fit nicely into 10 x 45 minute sessions".

Or - "I have no fucking desire to run a group program for 12 months - the life will have been sucked out of me after 4".

"I don't want to have to DM strangers on FB" ๐Ÿคฎ

It's time to IMMERSE yourself in CREATIVITY & call in the clients who are DESPERATE to hear from someone brave enough to PIONEER a new model - because SHE doesn't want to work with "normal" any more than you want to BE "normal". 


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