If Your Facebook Reach Sucks… Your Newsletter is the Answer!

By Alex

June 21, 2021

Facebook is getting noisier and noisier... and what's even MORE annoying - is that these days when I log on and make a half-assed attempt at the "Scroll of Doom", it seems that literally every other post on my feed is an ad.

And it's turning me off.

And so I turn off Facebook.

Really. I deleted it from my phone and now I only use it when I'm sat at my desk and ready to use it for a solid purpose.

I'm not in to non-stop scrolling through adverts, I mean, if I WERE, then I'd buy the latest copy of Vogue because at least I know what I'm for there.

We're all being subjected to these ads and both my friends and fellow entrepreneurs are getting severely turned off from Facebook - it just doesn't serve us anymore.

And let's not even get started on the impossibly low reach and changing rules with the algorithm.

Right here is my line in the sand.

I cannot be arsed to keep up with your algorithm or employ "shady tactics" for engagement. I see a lot of people still persisting with the low-vibe "Motivation Monday" stuff - or even worse, dropping DMs to people begging them into their group.

I mean I guess it must work - to some degree - and you must either have the hide of an elephant or.... have the hide of an elephant! 😁 Because most people hate it...

There is a "gentler" way to do business - you don't need to subscribe to shady tactics or pretend to be everyone's best friend - you get to put YOUR message across - and... nobody gets to poach your audience or DM them because it's YOUR audience.

So what is this magical elixir? 

Well, it's your list. Your newsletter.

Your newsletter is where your GOLD is.

Nobody gets to take that from you. You own it 100% and it's a direct line of communication to your clients. 

Imagine the scenario. 

Your client goes on holiday and you've just posted the Facebook post OF. YOUR. LIFE! πŸ˜‚ - but by the time she's back from her holiday and starts the "Scroll of Doom" - your brilliant post is about 15,000 ago - even if it WERE to be shown to her.

The newsletter you sent her? 

That's still waiting in her inbox.

I mean sure, she might delete it without opening. She might not even open it for another month when she sits down with a big cup of coffee, a couple of cookies and some precious silence and decides to catch up on her mailbox.

Point is. It's still there. Your line of communication is DIRECT and it's there waiting for her.

You're not relying on Mark Z and his clever machines to show it to her. You're not competing against 10,000 other Facebook groups and playing the "pick me" game.

My newsletter is where the money comes from. No ifs, no buts, no excuses - it's right there. I control it. My own words = my income!

I can help you VAMP up your newsletter and turn it into a cash-machine because I know not everyone enjoys writing a newsletter and often it's a case of:

i) Holy Forking Shirtballs - I haven't written a newsletter in so long, they've probably forgotten who I am and I don't know what to say.


ii) I'm interested in so many things, I'm not sure what I should put in my newsletter... so I'll just put it off for a month. Another month. 3 months. 6 months...

It's all too common a story, but if you want to climb back on the horse, I've got just the thing to help you. I take you from zero to newsletter HERO in just 30 days so you can start making money from your list - because that's why you've put all that time, money and effort into growing it right?

Just a reminder - YOU control your business... NOT the Social Media algorithms.



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