How to Plan Your Kickass Goals

By Alex

October 22, 2018

What do you want from your business?

International acclaim, gazillions of dollars and adoring fans.

When do you want it?


Um…. *tumbleweeds*

Woah kitty!

The easy bit of creating kickass goals is knowing what you’d really want if all the pieces were to fall into place, all the planets were in alignment and y’knowyou actually knew what the f*ck it was you were supposed to be doing.

Then comes the pen twiddling and the procrastination. Oooh looky here! I need to clean my shoe cupboard. Gosh! Tuesday already? Must take that old plastic basket to the recycling centre. Friday lunchtime? Barely worth starting anything – the kids will be home soon and everything’s going to start getting a little C-R-A-Z-EEEEEE!

Ever wonder what you did with all your time when you were young, single and had no kids? Yeh… well that time isn’t coming back any time soon – so here’s what we’re going to do to make our businesses work right here, right now with our right here, right now life going on all around us.

The thing is – we can do this. We just need to be a little smart about this and plan it out.

The Big Money Question

Right at the start of all of this you need a healthy mindset which makes you confident and ready to go get ’em! 

The first thing I want you to do is work out your kickass money goals. How much exactly do you want to clear in the next quarter, six months and year? I break my goals down per month and each revenue stream. One of my revenue streams is traditionally very quiet in July and August. That’s OK, I plan for that and you won’t find me in floods of tears at the slow numbers. Just the way that industry moves. At the same time, those are peak school holiday months for me – so I’m not going to commit to spending every day with the laptop anyway.

So get real about where and when your money is coming from. If you commit to earning $5000 in August but you know you’ll be spending 3 weeks of that getting bitten by mosquitos halfway up a mountain somewhere then you’re just setting yourself up to fail and feel crappy about it all.

Don’t go crazy and say “I’m going to earn 250k in my first 3 months”. That’s just unrealistic – I mean, wouldn’t it be bloody amazing? Yeh… but 99.9% not gonna happen – and if you set yourself that crazy goal then all your small steps are going to actually be BIG steps and too scary and enormous to handle.

Break it down

Each of those money goals is coming from somewhere. Like du-uh. Stating the obvious right?

Well what I mean is – if I for example say I need to make 10k selling websites and 5k selling courses then I need to break those pieces down further into 3-4 chunks of each.

How will I get those website sales? Increase social visibility? FB ads? Content marketing? Webinars? Etc., etc. Of those 3-4 big chunks, these will need to be broken down further into manageable steps – especially when we’re up against the clock and at 4pm the front door is flung open and the noise begins!

Selling a course: What topic? Format? Marketing? Etc. etc.

Time is of the essence

Hopping back to what I said up there about commitments outside of our control such as school holidays, family holidays and all those other things which come along (dog to the vet I’m talking to you!) – make sure your schedule aligns to the time you can commit aside running your own life – and the time you need to commit to complete the task.

To control time rather than time controlling us – it’s vital that we break things down into manageable slots. There have been times in the past where I’ve not been able to commit to more than 5-10 minute tasks at a time but each one of those executed moved me further towards my goals.

Inaction achieves nothing – and tiny actions, even 5-minute ones will get you closer and closer to where you need to be.


When we decide on our big goals, income levels and streams and time commitments it can often be the easier part. I mean I love a good list. Give me a planner, some coloured pens and stickers and I can keep myself amused for hours.

It’s the actual doing of the actions which can be my undoing.

Do it.


To the tiny steps.

5 minutes.

5 minutes.

You’ve got this.

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